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A story I couldn't share
Lee Ye-Jin  |  thakd1892@daum.net
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  Maybe you can’t talk about everything that's inside of you. Sometimes you have a story that you want to share, but you can’t freely speak about it to anyone. Do you ever have the idea, “If there were something else, or if something could change, I would be happier than I am now.” What do Gachonians want to talk about, or hope for their school or teachers?
  The Gachon Herald 128’s title is, “A story I couldn't share.“ Now, let's hear some stories from fellow students that couldn't be easily shared.



  Moonseo Young (Sight design department 13)  
  Our tuition is expensive, but the facilities are still not good enough. Especially, there are old desks and uncomfortable chairs in the old buildings. Sometimes I feel uncomfortable when I study. I want the school to change the old desks and chairs.


  Lee, joung lim (Chinese language major 13)

  Some professors give us too many assignments. We already have many tasks in other classes. I stay up all night, because I have too many tasks. So I hope that they don’t give us excessive tasks. Also, there is not enough space between the chairs in the reading rooms of Gachon buildings. So I want to widen the space. Finally, the taste of the dishes served at the food court in Gachon building is not good compared to the price. I want better tasting dishes.

  Kang, Joung ah (Chinese language major 13)
  There is insufficient space for taking a rest on campus. I want the school to provide enough places to relax by using empty lecture rooms.

  Kim, ye sil (Chinese language major 13)
  We don’t have enough ladies lounges. They are always crowded with too many students, so I feel uncomfortable. I want more space for female students.




  Youn, ji en (Software major 15)
  Some professors give us assignments in English. It is very difficult. I want to write in Korean. I wish that more ladybug buses could be added.


  Joung, Ju Yeon (Piano department 15)
   Art major tuition is more expensive than that of other majors, but the facilities are poor. Owing to the lack of a piano, I have trouble practicing. So I want more support for art majors.


 Um, Hyeon Suk (European language & literature 15)
  I think library facilities are poor. Since the library is small, I want the school to expand the library and make windows in the reading rooms. Some books are getting moldy. So please take care of the books in the library.



  Kim, Hyoung Sik (food and nutrition department 09)
  I want more chances of linking job applicants with businesses, such as counseling programs with professors and programs linking businesses to students.




  Bun, Da Jin (Early childhood education 10)
  I’m sorry that the student body, club and press have moved to the Sejong building. The school needs to improve the surroundings so students feel closer.



  Chai, Hyeon Ye (Business administration track 15)
  I’m commuting to school from Incheon. There is no good transportation option. Using public transportation takes two hours, but using the car takes one hour. So I think the school should provide school buses.

  Yang, Jong Chan (Health care administration 12)

  There are many students who skip breakfast. They eat fast food or skip it. In fact, I can concentrate more if I eat breakfast. So I want to eat breakfast at school.


  Park, Youn Se (European language & literature 15)
  I wish that the ladybird bus could run after 5 o'clock. And the desks and chairs are attached in most classrooms, which is uncomfortable. I want to use the detached desks and chairs.

  Lee, Ye Jin (Business administration track 15)
  There are too many smokers who smoke in non-smoking area, but there is no crackdown. So I want to make a true clean campus by increasing on crackdowns.

  Jang, Ji Young (Tourism management 15)
  I’m sorry that the ladybird bus interval is so long that students don’t make effective use of the bus. Thus, I want the school to shorten the bus intervals.

  Kim, Ji Hong (Fashion design 15)
  Since there are no streetlamps, it is dangerous to walk along a back street between Bokjeong and the library. So I want the school to install streetlamps on the street. 

  We listened to "A story I couldn't share" from Gachon University students. Although only a few students were interviewed, many students may also agree with them. To sum up, they have some stories which are related to professors’ assignments but most of their stories are concerned with the school’s facilities, rest places, and so on. A college can't accept all of what students want, but I hope that students’ opinions will be reflected so that students can have a better college life.

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