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Nanyang Polytechnic University in Singapore
Jang Ji-Young  |  95lovejy@naver.com
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  In 2013, Nanyang Polytechnic University (NPU) in Singapore and Gachon University made an agreement about a student exchange program. For the first semester of 2016, the English-speaking country student exchange program will accept as many as eight students to study at NPU. To be more specific, the school of IT and Business Management can each send 3 students and the school of Design can send 2 students for the exchange program. Let’s look at NPU and how it is constantly exchanging students with Gachon University.
  NPU was established on 1 April 1992. In July of that year, NPU opened up a school by enrolling its pioneer batch of students in the School of Health Sciences and School of Business Management. The size of this school is about the size of 60 football fields and it is located next to Yio Chu Kang MRT station. The campus generally has a modern atmosphere and it also has state-of-the-art facilities. Moreover, there is a fully computerized library, specialist laboratories, a 300-seat theater for the Arts, and a 1,200-seater auditorium on campus. For sports enthusiasts, there is track and field, a park, gymnasium, rock-climbing facilities, and a swimming pool.
  NPU is divided into seven faculties. These faculties include Schools of Engineering, IT, Design, Business Management, Chemical & Life Sciences and Interactive & Digital Media. Among these faculties, students can have smooth interaction with professors in Schools of Interactive & Digital Media. Other famous departments are Business Management and Sports & Wellness Management. The reason why the Business Management department is famous is that after the first year, students are able to choose from seven specializations to focus on in their 2nd and 3rd year. The Sports & Wellness Management program is famous because only two polytechnics in Singapore offer that course.
  NPU offers various advantages to students, but it also has a clear vision and mission. Firstly, the vision of this university is to be a premier polytechnic university of global distinction. Secondly, NPU’s mission is to provide quality education and training for students and adult learners’ for work and life. Furthermore, this school aims to train students and adults so that they can be life-long learners and make a contribution to the technological, economic and social development of Singapore. For its mission, NPU harnesses their resources, expertise, creativity and innovation.
  Let’s learn about some details from Felicia. This student came to Gachon University as an exchange student from NPU. She is a sophomore and majors in Tourism Management at Gachon University. She said that NPU has a college system, which is kind of different from the university system. At this school, students choose majors that they want to study in university and study about those majors. Then, they get a certificate instead of a degree. Felicia also stated that her school helps their students experience a lot from other countries. For example, this school made exchange agreements with 16 different universities and lets the students choose from those other universities. NPU works hard for student welfare by remodeling the cafeteria inside the campus and selling foods from different countries. She lastly hoped that many students would be interested in and apply to NPU.

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