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  LearnEnglishFeelGood.com is a very resourceful website for those of us who learn English as our second language. All the tests and exercises are designed and developed by real ESL teachers and their experiences in the classroom seem to make this website highly practical and interesting.

  The website focuses on the four parts of English learning: grammar, vocabulary, listening, and pronunciation. The main “home” page briefly introduces the website and you can see the menu on the left part on every page. “ESL Practice Test” may be the category that the visitors most frequently click. It is divided into 6 sections: 1) English Grammar Exercise, 2) English Grammar Worksheets, 3) Vocabulary Tests, 4) Video-based Exercises, 5) Spoken English, and 6) Cities around the World. Each section allows the visitors to take tests with numerous given topics, and each test is extremely helpful to get the sense of what you need to practice in order to reach the level that you aim for.

  For example, you can test your grammar in section 1) and 2) with emphasis on some of the most confusing topics for us Koreans. You can choose your topic from among articles, verb tenses, or prepositions (and much more) and each topic has 10 to 20 sets of quizzes for you to try your knowledge on the given topic. It is quick, easy, and fun; you might want to try more and more.

  On the other hand, section 3) is also very practical as it offers more than 50 sets of vocabulary questions with more than 30 topics from real life situations. These topics include shopping, seeing a doctor, conversation at a party, college life, and even expressions for flirting.

  Section 4) provides you with movie clips to enjoy, and to improve your listening comprehension skills as well, and section 5) will help you learn some tricky pronunciation by listening to examples and situations.

  If you are a traveler, you may find section 6) especially interesting. You can choose any city from among 39 cities in the U.S. and Canada, and you will be advised to read a description of the city, filling in the blanks in the given passages. That way, you can get basic information of the city and check your vocabulary at the same time.

  More than that, the website is very tourist-friendly. Below “ESL Practice Test,” you can see the category titled “Other ESL Resources.” It is also divided into 6 sections, and “Travel English,” “American Idiom,” and “US/UK English Differences” will especially attract your attention if you are planning to take a trip abroad, or if you are interested in the differences between American/British English.

  Overall, LearnEnglishFeelGood.com is a simple, but highly practical and useful website. It also offers some valuable links to other ESL websites, travel websites, and even two websites for learning languages other than English. I’m sure you’ll find the website very helpful---you will want to bookmark and visit it as often as possible.

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