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What was your dream when you were a child?
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  We had many dreams when we were children. The question, ‘What is your future dream?’ followed us from elementary school, middle school, and even to our high school days. Our various and vague dreams took shape as time went by. Maybe we have been living, pursued by dreams, since we entered college. The Gachon Herald 127th Campus Talk question is, “What was your dream when you were a child?” We asked Gachonians about their past and present dreams. Through these questions, let’s think about our past and present dreams. Let’s look back on our lives and ask ourselves if we are living our lives searching for true dreams which we really can achieve.
Jung, Jong-hun (Department of International Trade ‘11)
In the past, I wanted to be a prosecutor because my elementary school partner’s father was a prosecutor. Now, I’m preparing to be a licensed trader because I majored in international trade. I’m studying English and Chinese to become a trader.
Kim, Chung-do (Department of Global Economics ‘14)
My dream was to be an employee because I wanted to get a common job where I can earn a little money. Now, I want to start a business after working for a company for a few years. To prepare for it, I’m preparing for certification as a distribution manager.
Kwon, Jong-Won (Department of Global Economics ‘14)
My father was a policeman and I thought he was so cool that my past dream was to be a police officer. My present dream is to be a professional soldier. It looks so wonderful and it gives me economic stability. So now I’m preparing for ROTC.


Hwang, Hye-Yeon (Department of Early Childhood Education ‘15)
I used to like teaching and listening to people. So I wanted to be a teacher and now a psychotherapist.


Yang, Soo-Bin (Department of International Trade ‘11)
When I was a kid, I listened to the radio a lot, so I decided to become a radio PD at that time. Now, I can’t decide on any occupation since I don’t have enough experience to make a decision. So I dream of just living happy.


Kim, Soo-Min (Department of International Trade ‘09)
I wanted to be a teacher because I liked history. Now, I want work relating to trade. In fact, when I got a job related to liberal arts, we usually worked at an office for a long time. Working related to trade has lots of office paperwork, but I thought if I worked in trade, I could travel abroad a lot. So I dreamed about this and now I am preparing to achieve my goal.

Lee, Jae-Hyeon (Department of Computer Engineering ‘14)
In the past, I had a dream to be a prison officer after I watched a movie. Now I want to be a public servant working at a dong office. Sometimes, when I go to a dong office to handle civil affairs, I think employees of the dong office work easily. So I have this dream.


Lee, Young-Shin (Department of Business Administration ‘11)
When I got on a plane in my elementary school days, the aircrew made a good impression on me. So I wanted to be a member of an aircrew. I thought this because they gave me food and a gift. Now I want to be a bank clerk, which matches my major.


Kim, Yue-Eun (Department of Physical Education ‘13)
In the past, I wanted to be a teacher. Nowadays, I want to have a teaching job like a coach or a teacher. But I’m not certain yet. I think this dream has something to do with my major, physical education. Of course, I have also wanted to teach sports.

Im, Sang-Woo (Department of sculpture ‘15)
In the past, I wanted to be a painter because I was good at painting and it was fun. Now I want to be a sculptor because sculpture is what I learned for the entrance examination.



Seo, Dong-Hyun (Department of Public Administration ‘11)
I wanted to be a teacher in the past because I liked teaching. These days, I don’t know what specific job I want to have, so I am going to be a government employee.



Song, Hye-Jin (Department of Fashion Design ‘15)
In the past, I was interested in fashion design because my favorite singer was well dressed. Also, I wanted to have him wear clothes that I designed. Now I want to be a designer or launch a brand. I studied fashion design, and I think fashion is very charming. Making my own clothes means creating my own world, so I love it.

Jung, Ho-Su (Department of Environmental Energy Engineering Class ‘11)
In the past, my dream was to be a scientist. This is because I vaguely wanted to travel through the universe. For now, since pharmacy has a favorable outlook I want to be a pharmaceutical researcher.



Kim, Jung-Yeon (Department of Early Childhood Education Class ‘10)
I wanted to be a teacher in the past because I liked children. I still want to become a teacher because I still like children.

  As a result of interviewing students about their dream jobs, we were able to find out that some students still keep their dreams and move toward their dreams. In contrast, other students chose their dreams in consideration of their situations or majors. After reading this article, let’s think over which situations we are in and whether to give up on our dreams and settle for the present. We are young so it’s early to give up on our dreams and we have enough time to search for our dreams. Even though studies and qualifications are important, we need to make sure that we are on the right track and the track is heading for the goal we want.

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