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What are you mainly talking about with your parents?
Jung Soo-Jin  |  jsj5979@naver.com
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  Students are often too busy to have a conversation with their parents. I hope that through this interview we will think and talk about what kind of conversations we have recently had with our parents, even if they were only for a short time.


Jung, Ji A (Chinese Language and Literature ‘14): Did you eat? Weren’t you late for class?
Do you attend the class well? I don’t take the trouble to make time for talk but I talk during our meals.



Han, Jun Hee (Tourism Management ‘15): I’m home.

I live with my parents but I don’t talk with them frequently.





Cheon, Ho Jung (Korean Language and Literature ‘13)
: Did you eat? Let’s have a meal at home.
I eat a meal and talk with my parents when I don’t have morning classes but we can barely talk to each other when I get home late after evening classes.



Kim, Doo Hui (Tourism Management ‘15)
: Bye, don’t fight.
I am close to my mom so we tend to talk a lot. However, it seems that we fight frequently because we are so close to each other. I rarely have a talk with my father.



Kwon, So Jin (Tourism Management ‘15): When does your class start? Did you eat? When will you be back?
It takes a long time to get to school and go back home so I don’t have enough time to spend with my parents when I get home late after my classes. I would like to get home earlier and have a meal and talk with my parents.

Park, Ji On (Life science 15): How are you?

I call my parents because I live alone. I ask how they’re doing. We don’t talk much but I hope we can maintain even this kind of relationship.




Kim, Yong Bum (Oriental Language and Literature ‘15)
: What did you do at school today?
Before I go to sleep every day, I tend to talk with my parents and have lots of conversation.




Jung, Hee Soo (Management Track ‘12)
: Is it difficult to be employed? Do your best.
We tend to talk regularly but since I started preparing for getting a job I have become too busy, so we don’t have enough time to talk. By getting a job, I would like to make my parents proud of me.


Ko, Jun (Health Care Management ‘14)
: Talks about interpersonal relationship.
Originally we tended to talk more frequently. When we talk, we talk about what I am going through at school and my mother gives me some comments and advice. I would like to talk about music. If I get a chance, I want to say “I love you”.


un, Eun Jong (Fashion Design ‘12): Give me a meal please, and talking about my boyfriend.
I am close to mom and we talk a lot. We watch dramas together and talk about my boyfriend. I’m not close to dad so we don’t usually talk. My dad is close to his puppies. My allowance has decreased recently and I want to ask for an allowance raise.


An, Daniel (Tourism Management ‘13)
: Bye. I’m home.
We usually talk but we can’t have deep talks because I’m exhausted. So I want say, “Mom and Dad I love you”.



Lim, Jung Chan (Civil Environment Engineering ‘15)
: Are you enjoying school?
I converse a lot with my parents and in particular I try to have a talk with them on weekends. I usually tell them many things, so there isn’t anything specific I would like to tell them. I think how much conversation we have depends on the atmosphere at home. I think both parents and children need to try to be open to each other.

Park, Na Yeon (Life Science ‘13)
: Our family members have abundant conversations. I like to talk with my family. We eat out and talk a lot on weekends. Sometimes we feel five hours passes so fast. Someday I want to travel with my family. My parents travel a lot but my sister and I don’t have many chances. Therefore, I want all of our family members to travel together. I think many people are afraid of having conversations with their families but I want them not to be afraid of talking with family.
    We usually spend a long time with our friends at cafes. Why can’t we do so with our family? I want them to not think of talking with their family is too serious.
This question shows that students often have insufficient time for talks with their parents. Of course, some students talk a lot with their parents. I want students to feel that having conversations with their parents is never hard, and to look back on their relationships and think over how much they have been talking with their parents and whether they have kept themselves aloof from their parents.

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