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Do you know the Gachon University Application?Making good use of the Gachon University Application
Eom Jin-A  |  eom6268@nate.com
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Updated : 2015.06.30  16:16:18
트위터 페이스북 미투데이 요즘 네이버 구글 msn

  ‘The highest smartphone penetration rate in the world’ This title was aimed at Korea, and to be suitably titled, it is difficult to find people in Korea who aren’t holding a smartphone in their hand. Gachon University students don’t easily release their smartphones, but many of them don’t know about useful school applications, or quickly erase them because they don’t know how to use them. Because student ID’s are only issued by mobile for new students, the number of students who use ‘Gachon Lib+’ has increased a lot. Still, many people don’t know about the ‘Gachon University Global Campus Application’. Our school life could be more convenient if we put Gachon Applications to good use, so let’s look at the effective utilization of Gachon University Apps.
  There are two kinds of Gachon University Apps; ‘Gachon University Global Campus App’ and ‘Gachon Lib+’. First I’ll explain about the ‘Gachon University Global Campus Application’. This application has categories for school information, campus map, notices, my page, community, clubs, delivery food, diet, and contact numbers. ‘School information’ gives an introduction to our school and diverse majors, and shuttle bus operation time. The ‘Campus map’ is divided into the whole campus map and convenient facilities which contain ATMs, convenience stores, cafeterias, woman’s lounge, cafés, etc. ‘Etc’ shows the locations of Olive Young, the Kyobo Book Centre, Office Mate, MyM dental clinic, Segyeuhak, the billiard hall, photocopy room, cell phone agency, post office, Shinhan bank, and the health room. ‘Notice’ and ‘My page’ are directly linked to the Gachon University website. ‘Community’ is divided into: lost articles, freedom of bulletin board, and greenlight, which helps students communicate with each other. ‘Clubs’ are divided into scholarship department, music department, and sports department, which help you link directly to club name, simple explanations and club websites. ‘Delivery foods’ are divided into Korean food, Japanese food, Chinese food, snack bar, and chicken/pizza. They have a list of restaurants that provide delivery service along with their phone numbers and cafeteria menus. A carte is also shown on the school cafeteria menu with the categories of teaching staff, special food, a one-dish meal with regard to Vision Tower, Creativity Hall, Areum Hall, and Iris Building. Finally, contact numbers is divided into professors’ numbers, numbers of the school, trouble and inconvenience. Especially, professors’ numbers are linked to the phone directory in the Gachon website.
  Next, the ‘Gachon Lib+’ application has the categories: seat assignments, seat reservations, the current state of assigned seats and reservations, group study room reservations, alarms, NFC, mobile ID, and library apps. ‘Seat assignments and seat reservations’ all show available seats, but in ‘seat reservation’ you can choose the time and book it by pressing available seats. ‘Current state of assigned seats and reservations’ gives information for assigned seats and reservation. ‘Group study room reservation’ shows available rooms and helps to reserve a group study room in the library. ‘Alarm’ tells about seat reservation, requesting reservation confirmation, and extension request. In ‘NFC’ you can select confirmation of allotment, reservation and vacant seats, seat change, and seat extension by pressing a button. ‘Mobile ID’ lets you reserve through QR codes without a student ID and check seats through QR code at every library. ‘Library apps’ are linked directly to the school library website.
  Student council carried out research on ‘Gachon University apps with a student satisfaction questionnaire, from Monday, March 23th to Wednesday at Stardom Square. Students provided diverse opinions on college administration, course registration, second-hand marketplace, weather, e-class and so on. Student council says they are planning to make Gachon University apps better by reflecting students’ opinions. I hope the shortcomings of Gachon University apps will be made up for and students will make good use of these apps.

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