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  I came to Korea right after graduating from high school. I learned Korean at an international language school for a year beginning in March 2013. However, I still have trouble talking with friends and teachers because my Korean is still not very good. I especially think Korean terms of addressing and honoring seniors are very confusing and difficult. It was very hard because the more I learned Korean, the more new words and complex grammar were introduced.
  Before coming to Korea, I watched many Korean dramas and I took a lot of interest in Korean food, buildings, and clothes. In Korea I was so surprised that everything was exactly the same as I had seen it in Korean dramas. I wanted to adjust myself to Korean culture as soon as possible, so I studied Korean hard by spending time with my Korean Institute friends. As a result, I passed TOPIK, and I was able to enter Gachon University.
  Last year as a freshman, I enrolled as a free major. I chose tourism management for my major and I am expecting to study in the Dept. of Tourism Management starting this March. Campus life is much more interesting than I expected. Although I am busy taking classes, doing assignments, and trying to concentrate on my studies, I keep thinking of activities I want to do on my holidays. In my free time, I go around many different attractions, eat delicious food, shop with my Korean friends, and generally enjoy the Korean culture.
  It is difficult to learn a foreign language and adapt to a strange environment without your parent’s aid. However, if you make steady efforts, you will overcome all difficulties. In addition, I think that to study well, the method you choose is important. Many people say that reading a lot of books is a good study method, but it is not effective for me. When I read books, I simply try to understand the gist and main ideas rather than try to achieve good results. I don’t take care if I succeed or fail. I just enjoy the process of making efforts rather than the outcome.
  Beginning the first semester in 2015, I will try to study harder for good grades. I will practice Korean and have more friends and more personal connections. Getting a higher score in TOPIK is my goal this year as well.

Yang Yang Dept. Toerism management


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