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What do you think about bad manners in public places?
Lee Hyun-young  |  rjfbch@naver.com
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  The question at Gachon University in the Gachon Herald No. 124 Campus Talk is, "What do you think about bad manners in public places? Explain your answer.” People seeking to satisfy their own convenience in public spaces such as subways, buses and movie theatres often make others feel uncomfortable. I would like you to think of the discomfort you have experienced and felt in public spaces or think of the inconvenience you gave to others unintentionally. I hope many students realize the importance of etiquette in public places once again.

Shin, Yeon-A (Department Of Economics Class of 2010); Excessive physical touching between couples: I often feel very uncomfortable because of excessive physical touching by couples who don’t need to show it to others.






Kim, Gwang-Heon (Department Of Electronic Engineering (Night) Class of 2011); Looking at their phones during a movie at a cinema: I frequently cannot concentrate on the movie because of the very bright light from mobile phones.

  Moon, Hui-Joon (Department Of Electronic Engineering(Night) Class of 2011); Leaving the toilet dirty: I feel uncomfortable when people don’t throw away used toilet paper properly or when someone dumps food in the toilet and it ends up becoming clogged.


Jeong, Heon-Ho (Department Of Electronic Engineering(Night) Class of 2011); Listening to loud music when riding on the bus with many other people. Listening to music too loudly on the bus is not considerate behavior because someone may be trying to sleep or rest.

Song, Min-Ho (Department Of Electronic Engineering (Night) Class of 2010); Defecating on the toilet seat, not inside it: I’ve actually seen it. It was very unpleasant and disgusting. This behavior gives the cleaning ladies a very hard time.

Im, Dae-Geon (Nano Physics Department Class of 2013); Talking on the phone too loud: It is not necessary to reveal your personal life to others. You don't need to talk on the phone in public spaces. There are lots of other places where you can do that.


Lee, Han-Sol (Department Of Food Biotechnology Class of 2014); Swearing in a place with a lot of people: Even if the curses are not directed towards me, it stresses me out just hearing people swear.



Lee, Ji-Young(Department Of painting Class of 2013); Not apologizing after bumping into someone: I think people who bump into others and don’t apologize have an immature sense of citizenship.

Jeong, Min-A (Department Of painting Class of 2013); Throwing away trash everywhere: It looks very messy when people throw away their trash on  the street when they can hold it for just a bit.

Se, Jin-Hwan (Department Of Industrial Design Class of 2009); Spitting everywhere: It is very dirty and it seems like they don't care about other people on the street.




Sohn, Won-Gi (Department Of Food Biotechnology Class of 2013); Smoking on the street: I’m more sensitive and uncomfortable because I'm a non-smoker. People shouldn't think of public spaces as their personal smoking area.



Oh, Meong-Woo (Department Of Food Biotechnology Class of 2013); Making others uncomfortable when they're drunk: I think drunk people should refrain from acting crazy in front of a lot of people.



Ryu, Beom-Seok (Department Of Physical Education Class of 2012); Walking along the street while looking at their smartphones: It can be very dangerous to them and may cause harm to others.



Lee, Cheol-Woo (Department Of Oriental Language And Literature Class of 2014); Cutting in line at t
he subway station: I usually transfer trains on purpose to get a seat. I get very angry when I lose a seat because someone cut in front of me in the line.


Bae, Yoon-Ji (Department Of Oriental Language And Literature Class of 2014); Not offering their seat to an elderly or pregnant woman: I often see this happen on the subway or bus, which makes me feel embarrassed.


  As a lot of students move around in public spaces, I have received a wide variety of answers to this question. Most of the answers are about their personal experiences of suffering. Sometimes we might have been bad-mannered in spite of ourselves, so I would like all of us to always keep this question in mind. I hope we try to be more considerate of others and aware of our surroundings.

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