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Finding a job is easier with the Gachon University Employment Assistant CenterGachon University's employment rate 56.7%, nationally ranked 7th among 4-year universities.
Kim Na-Young  |  clara0385@naver.com
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Updated : 2015.03.23  21:24:50
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  It has recently been reported that the youth unemployment rate in Korea has reached the highest level ever recorded. This news has made many college students recognize the difficulty of finding a job. As many college students make plans to find jobs, the employment rate has become an important factor in choosing a university and in determining a university’s ranking. In this job crunch, Gachon university has ranked 7th with 56.7% employment among graduates in a survey of employment rates among 4-year universities with over 3000 alumnus. The survey is called the ‘Higher Educational Institutions Graduates Employment Statistics survey’ released by the Ministry of Education and Korean Educational Development Institute (KEDI). This is the 10th level among metropolitan area universities who have over ten thousand undergraduates. Last year, we were ranked 12th with 54.8% employment in the same survey. Therefore, this year the school has climbed five steps higher than last year. The departments with the highest employment rate are as follows: Dept. of Business Administration, College of Business and Economics (44.8%), Dept. of Healthcare Management, College of Social Science, (78.9%), Dept. of Early Childhood Education, College of Social Science (73.6%), Dept. of Japanese and Literature, College of Liberal Arts (55.3%), Dept. of Law, College of Law (49.3%), Dept. of Urban Planning, College of Architecture (76.2%), Dept. of Landscape Architecture, College of Architecture (76.0%), Dept. of Environmental and Energy Engineering, College of Engineering (75.0%), Dept. of BioNano Technology, College of BioNano Technology (75.0%), Dept. of Software Design and Management, College of Information Technology (91.7%), Premedical Course of Oriental Medicine, College of Oriental Medicine (75.0%), Dept. of Clothing, Division of Arts and Design, College of Arts (56.1%), Dept. of Voice, Division of Music, College of Arts (45.8%), Dept. of Sports and Leisure Studies, Division of Sports Science, College of Arts (61.9%). Gachon University’s combined employment rate reached 56.7%, with 55.6% at the Global campus and 60.0% at the Medical campus. 
  The rise of Gachon University’s employment rate is a result of a systematic support program, customized job searching guidance for student’s employment promotion, 50 job club openings and support, free offer of online/offline charge employment content, employment preparation seminars, etc. The Gachon University Employment Assistant Center is developing and practicing a variety of job programs to help students find a job. Also, the center is planning to strengthen special speech for specific tasks, such as planning, business, and sales; by building and managing fieldwork operation systems that match the needs of companies. They will also expand the job finding support program by adding professional job consultants for seniors. They will help students to diagnose the competitiveness of finding a job and provide document consulting for improving their experience-capability. The Employment assistant center is located at Gachon University Vision Tower B Student service center 101, or you can get customized recruitment information by logging into the online homepage. The Gachon University Employment Assistant Center is running job searching consultation and career consultation at no charge for those who desire it. It is for all grades, but resume’ and cover letter consulting is only available for jobseekers (3rd and 4th year students). For jobseekers, interview coaching will be made available for those who haven’t had the experience of an interview. The professional consultants from the employment assistant center are always at school from 09:00~16:00 (Mon~Fri) during the semester, and 09:00~15:00 (Mon~Fri) during the vacation. If you want to get consulting, you can apply online by attaching your resume and cover letter. 
  Gachon University was named ‘Excellent Youth Dream University’ in the 2014. The ‘Youth Dream University Evaluation’ is organized by Dong-A Daily News. Dong-A Daily News started the evaluation in 2013 to see if universities support student job searching. In 2013, our university ranked 47th among 49 universities in the ‘Youth Dream University’ group. However, we were among the top 15 universities for the ‘Excellent Youth Dream University’ for the 2014 result evaluation. It can be said that our university has given plenty of effort and fully supports helping our students find a job. If you have any concerns and don’t know what/how to prepare, may I recommend the school’s employment assistant center? You can get a lot of help by enrolling in one of the systematic programs or in one-on-one counselling. I hope many students make efficient use of our school’s employment programs and help Gachon University reach a higher employment rate and become one of the most prestigious universities!

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