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George Mason University
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n October 18, 2014 Gachon University signed an agreement with sister school George Mason University for joint research and exchange of professors. Lee Gilyeo, the president of Gachon University and Peter N. Stearns, the dean of George Mason University signed a contract for MOU at Gachon’s brain medical laboratory.
  George Mason University was named after George Mason. The short form of George Mason University is GMU, and it currently consists of thirteen colleges. The main campus is located in Fairfax County, Virginia but there are other campuses in the same state, such as Arlington Campus, Prince William Campus and Loudoun County Campus. In 2013, it became the first university to establish a Korean Songdo Campus in Incheon by the permission of the Ministry of Korean Education.
  Songdo Campus is located in Songdo, which is 40km away from Seoul. Thus, it has the advantage of easy transportation, and a short distance from Incheon International Airport (20 minutes by shuttle bus). The campus can accommodate 2000 students and has an outstanding level of educational facilities, such as a library with high-tech technology, an art performance center, cozy dormitories, personnel apartments, and customer accommodations. Since 2014 it has provided programs related to economy and business management, and it will expand to various different programs related to solving conflict problems, international studies, and computer game design. The students at Songdo Campus consist of a variety of students from South East Asia, making the atmosphere of classes seem to friendly and outgoing. The students at the Fairfax Campus can also enjoy the friendly atmosphere of Songdo Campus. Korean students who enter Songdo Campus have to stay in Korea for their freshman years, then take their junior courses in America, and finally come back to Korea for their senior years. Students in America can also take their first or second semesters at Songdo Campus in Korea.
  George Mason University, which is ranked 141 among American universities has departments of law, science, management, computational science, public policy, vision performance art, health care human service, education human development, liberal arts, social science, dance, and many more. It also offers various majors; for example, crime, astrology, earth science, art management, computer science of application and insurance calculation. It manages 199 different degree programs including 1 expert diploma, 87 master diplomas, 36 doctoral diplomas. Among those, law, economy, creation and computer science are graded the highest. Vernon Smith and James M. Buchanan, who both won a Nobel prize, work as professors of economics at GMU.
  For sub-facilities, the Johnson Center offers meals, education, entertainment, and a fitness center. The Art and Patriot center offers musicals, plays, and games of different sports.
  George Mason University, which was built less than fifty years ago, is making the standard of public university, and is expanding its history and scale. Not only is its fame expanding but its influence is expanding greatly, too.

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