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Billboard, a hidden treasure island of musicFinding music, why don’t we use the Billboard chart?
Hwang In-Soo  |  insoo94@naver.com
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.S.A is a nation of charts. Everything that is sold is ranked, including music. The Billboard chart is the most authorized one among them. Since 1936, when billboard published its first chart, it has played a role in the indexing of industry and its trends as they added various types of genre. One of the main factors that endowed the billboard chart with authority is the method of accumulating people’s spending patterns. Digital downloads (the number of songs downloaded at the music shop), air play (the number of broadcasts), and online streaming (the number of times people replay music, not downloading) are included as methods of accumulating data. PSY became a world star when he remained number 2 for seven weeks. Also, Wonder Girls had the chance to make k-pop world famous by releasing their 'Nobody' track, which ranked 76th on 'Hot100'. As you can see, the power of the Billboard is very strong. In this Stage & Music section, I will introduce some of the artists who have had successful results on the Billboard chart.
1. The longest top 10 ever<Leann Rimes – How Do I Live 32weeks Top 10(Best rank 2)>
  This song is mostly known as the soundtrack of the movie, 'Con Air'. This song stayed in the ranking for sixty-nine weeks. This song was greatly loved by plenty of people. It was sung by LeAnn Rimes and Trisha Yearwood. I recommend you listen to Trisha Yearwood's version, if you want to get a greater insight and depth into the song.
2. Singer who put his or her name in the top 10 the most<Madonna (38)>
  Madonna, the so called 'Queen of Pop', is a musician and entertainer in the U.S.A. and is labeled as 'one of the greatest pop musicians in the world'. Her total number of albums sold has reached over 300 million worldwide. She remains unmatched among the top level of women singers. This was such a great record that it could possibly be recorded in the Guinness Book of World Records. She has been working for a very long time and she has made a lot of albums. Some of her most famous tracks are; "Like a virgin", "Papa don't preach", "Like a prayer", "Vogue", "Frozen", "Music", "Hung up", and "4 minutes".
3. Singer who put his name on 'Hot100' the most<Glee Cast (204)>
  'Glee' is the name of a famous musical comedy that goes on air on FOX tv. 'Cast' stands for the actors and actresses of the drama. In Glee, the performers cover a singer's original song and sell it as an album per episode. Listen to Glee's version of your favorite artist's song to find out what they are all about.
4. A Singer who put his name as the 1st the most<The Beatles>
  ‘The Beatles’ are a British rock band. Songs by ‘The Beatles' started with rock and roll in 1950s, but contributed to the establishment and the development of many genres, such as folk rock, psychedelic rock, and hard rock. Not only did The Beatles have impact on music but on society and culture as well. Up to the 1970s, The Beatles published a total of twelve original albums, and sold over 1.6 billion albums around the world. The Beatles received countless awards including the Grammy Award, and were included in the most influential 100 people in the 20th century by The Times.
  Last November, Ariana Grande’s song, ‘Problem’ was on the real time search rank. This song was released in May and was loved by fans all over the world. It was ranked 2nd on the billboard right after being released. People in Korea were introduced to this song by a music audition participant, who sang ‘Problem’ as her audition song. We can find out these kinds of good songs not only through audition programs, but also through the Billboard Chart. Why don’t we make our music playlist full of genres we like through the Billboard Chart? I hope students will become more and more interested in pop music in the future.

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