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트위터 페이스북 미투데이 요즘 네이버 구글 msn

  It is a big pleasure to study at this university. At first it was not my choice to use the exchange student program because I was trying to choose a university located in Seoul, but I believe that every cloud has a single lining. I am Wan Lily Mariani Binti Omar. I am 21 years old and I was a sophomore at the University of Malaya until July. At that time my major was History but here I am majoring in Global Business Administration.
  Many people ask me why I selected Korea. I think watching Korean dramas influenced me a lot. What I wanted to do most was to study abroad. Before I came to Korean, I had never been separated too far from my family. What is the most exciting is that I decided to go to my dream country. I am satisfied with all the education systems, facilities, lecturers, and friends in Gachon University. All are good for me.
  Having a chance to be invited to President Lee, Gil-ya’s house was a big opportunity for me because I was able to meet her and visit the Gachon Medical Centre. Everything impressed me. I hope she can fulfill her ambition to develop Gachon University as one of the “Top 10 Private Universities” in Korea. I am really proud to be a part of them. When we talk about globalization, I think Gachon University has already been globalized. I, as a foreigner do not feel that I am alienated here. Korean people are friendly and if I can get a chance, I am eager to stay for long a time.
  I am in a country with four seasons and it was exciting for me to experience three of them even though it was quite a challenging task. I haven’t wasted my time by just staying in my room. Korea has many interesting places that I want to visit. One of my ambitions is making a lot of Korean friends and traveling with them. I usually enjoy my weekends visiting many places and learning about Korean culture. I can say that being adapted to Korean culture was not hard for me. 
  Besides, I have celebrated three important celebration days here. They are, Malaysia Independence Day on 31st August 2014, Malaysia Day on 16th September 2014, and also Hari Raya Aidiladha on 5th October 2014. Even though I am not staying in my homeland, I can still celebrate these special days. The openness of Korean society makes foreigners like me feel comfortable. 
  In conclusion, I hope that many students join the exchange students program to broaden their mind and to have a great experiences in Korea. I will always welcome Koreans to Malaysia, too. Hopefully, the University of Malaya and Gachon University will maintain their strong cooperation in future.
Wan Lily Mariani Binti Omar Dept. of Global business

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