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  One semester before graduation, I found the “Gachon Summer Language and Culture Training” program. I applied for Canada Thompson Rivers University (TRU) because I wanted to improve my English skills and spend my last summer vacation in Canada. Now, as a result, I am very satisfied with this amazing program. First of all, my listening skill is greatly improved. Second, my speaking skill is better. Lastly, my fear of facing foreigners is decreased.
  I’d like to tell about what impressed me there. First of all, my English skill has improved as I met many foreigners. My instructor always spoke English and my host family did as well. They really listened to me and understood what I said even if I made some mistakes in grammar. Furthermore, they gave me a lot of compliments when I spoke English. Not only my instructor and my host family, but also other foreigners like the supermarket clerk. It helped me overcome my fear which I had had before when I talked with foreigners. I learned that a few grammatical mistakes are not important at all and I am not afraid to speak with foreigners anymore.
  Second is about Canadians. In general, I think Canadians are very kind. For example, when people walk and make eye contact with someone, they always say hello with a smile. Also, when they get on and off the bus, they say hello and thanks to the driver very kindly. At first, I thought that the bus drivers knew everyone, but it was not true. People just show their kindness in that way. These simple, but not small greeting, were deeply impressive.
  The last thing is about TRU’s timetable. When I received my timetable, I was disappointed because my English courses were less than my expectation. Instead, it was full of a variety of activities. For example, a few hours were used for an English course in the morning and after lunch, most hours were used for activities. I experienced swimming in a lake, horseback riding and water gun fighting. All of these activities were done in nature. Most of Canadians experience these kinds of activities from their childhood, so they can feel nature. I experienced and enjoyed these good activities and thought that it could be one of reasons why Canadians are kind.
  It was my second time to a join language and culture program. The first one was the Gachon Global Leadership Program. I was really satisfied with both programs. Both programs helped me improve my English skills and also gave me valuable experiences and relationships. They are so meaningful that I can’t help recommending them to other students.
Yoon Hyemin Dept. of Healthcare Business

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