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Michigan State University (MSU)
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  First of all, it’s an honor for me to introduce Michigan State University. I enjoyed recalling many precious memories while I was writing this.
  Michigan State University was founded in 1855 as the Agricultural College of the state of Michigan to teach scientific agriculture, and was renamed in 1964. Maybe that is why MSU has such a huge campus. It has a 5,200 acre (21 ) campus with 2,100 acres (8 ) planned for development of 538 buildings including 95 academic buildings. This is 5 times larger than Seoul National University, Gwanak campus. Furthermore, approximately 19,600 acres (79 ) throughout Michigan is used for agricultural and natural resources research and education. Red Cedar River runs through the middle of campus creating a beautiful scene with grass, bridges and trees. The railroad to Chicago also runs through the campus and it makes a boundary between the campus and the university apartments.
  MSU is in East Lansing which is located three miles east of Michigan’s capital in Lansing. East Lansing is a small, peaceful and safe city because it is an educational city. Detroit and Ann Arbor where University of Michigan is located are one hour away by car so we can enjoy some city life if we need a change. Chicago is a much bigger and more cheerful place for a special time and is a 4 hour drive from campus.
  MSU has about 50,085 students this year including 38,786 undergraduate and 11,299 graduate students. 15.3 percent of them are international students from about 130 countries. There were a lot of Korean students and most of them were graduate students when I was working on my Ph. D degree. I met nice Korean colleagues who were valuable. We helped each other in studies and in life.
  Lots of great professors were working in the campus but in particular, I hold Dr. Weil dear in my mind. He gave homework in every class with one or two problems and we had to do them repeatedly till we got the correct answers. He pointed the wrong part with a red pencil and wrote ‘redo’ or ‘revise’ every time till he was satisfied. Most students usually had to do it 3 or 4 times for each problem. It was really great when the homework was done at one time but there was lots of pressure on students when the amount of homework got larger and the number of redo’s got bigger. However, that method was very useful for thinking about the problem.
  I learned a lot in studies, life, and teaching, too. Most graduate students in the Math Department were TA’s (teaching assistants) who were in charge of basic classes. Teaching specialists informed TA’s of how to teach and how to deal with students. Those experiences helped me a lot to improve my teaching skills.
MSU is also famous for basketball, football and hockey. Magic Johnson played on the MSU basketball team. He helped MSU win the NCAA championship in 1979 as a sophomore. His bronze statue was made in front of Breslin Center in 2003. MSU was in the final four with Wisconsin, Florida and North Carolina in the 2000 NCAA. That brought huge student celebrations. Students marched along Grand River Street, the main street of East Lansing, yelling, and hugging and doing high fives to each other. It was like a big festival.
  I still feel warm whenever I think of the time I spent in MSU. Now and then I miss that vast green campus, and the variety of weather and people. Sometimes, there were some challenges that I had to face and get over, but the experience also helped me improve in many ways so that I can be here now enjoying teaching very bright Gachon students.

Professor Lee, Jungho Department of Applied Mathematics

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