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A Lecture on Duty Relay’ with current manager2 hours which can make your future clear
Hwang In-Soo  |  insoo94@naver.com
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Updated : 2014.12.26  10:07:50
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  Since most students enter into university without considering much about their major, they don’t know what kind of job their major will lead to. So it is essential to know and analyze their expected duty when it comes to preparing for a job. I’ll introduce ‘A Lecture on Duty Relay’ that is related to the specific job duties of each college and department
  ‘A Lecture on Duty Relay’ offered by the ‘Employment & Career Center’ was held at Gachon B101 for 2 hours from 5pm to 7pm on October 1st and November 7th. If you want to audit this lecture you can register at ‘Duty Relay’ after you become a member of the university’s employment homepage (work.gachon.ac.kr). If you miss registering, you can register on the spot in order of arrival and only if there is an extra seat. This lecture was designed for juniors and seniors who are preparing for a job. Every week, four lectures were given which were related to the College of Humanities/Management/Social Science, the College of Architecture/IT, the College of Engineering/Bio-nano, and the College of Art. The lecturers consisted of managers who are working in the personnel team in their respective companies. The lectures were about the prospects of industry, employment trends, understanding jobs and developing career know-how, factors of successful employment, employment strategy, and how to write a resume. The main content of these lectures was how to write a resume which many students were interested in. The main idea of writing a resume was not a GP or contest exhibit or award, but for our own ‘concept’. A female student wrote about the experience of receiving a triathlon award in order to highlight her toughness. She also added that if the company is in danger she will overcome it with her toughness. Her concept melted into the resume and was converted into a trust of her. The lecturer called it as ‘victory of concept’. “I have nothing to write about in my resume” or “My life is so flat” is an inadequate expression for college students who have lived more than 20 years. What is important is what kind of meaning you impose on your experiences that can make your ordinary looking experience amazing, which will give you your own ‘concept’. So in this lecture the lecturer emphasized that it is important to dwell on experiences or incidents that you’ve overlooked when writing a resume.
  ‘A Lecture on Duty Relay’ will be held again next year, owing to the good response of students. Not only ‘Duty Relay’, but also ‘Recommending Talented Pool’ is on the run. If you register in ‘labor force’ at the ‘Recommending Talented Pool,’ you can get a lot of benefits including; information about getting a job, creating a job application with the assistance of a responsible consultant and a simulated employment interview, recommendation of excellent small and medium-sized companies, and getting priority for on-campus programs related to employment. If you’ve not decided on what kind of job or what company you want to work in, I recommend you to get a lot of information at the ‘Employment & Career Center.’

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