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When do you feel trifle happiness in your daily life? The reason?
EOM Jin-A  |  eom6268@nate.com
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Updated : 2014.12.22  18:58:01
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  The Campus Talk Question of The Gachon Herald 124 issue is, "When do you feel trivial happiness in your daily life?". Students feel tired of many assignments, tests and competition with other students. And yet, they might feel a little happy, which will encourage them to keep doing their routines. I hope this question will make students think of the importance of their trivial happiness.

Shin, Jiyoung (Health Care Management, Class of 14) / If the bus comes late, I might be late for the class, so I feel good when the bus comes soon.




Shin, Gaun (Health Care Management, Class of 14) Left / When I go to a cafe with my friends, I feel happy because I can hear how they have been doing and it’s fun to have a chat with them.

Jeong, Bohyeon (Healthcare Business Administration, Class of 14) Right / I feel so good when I meet my school friends after a long interval. It’s difficult to meet them because we have different class schedules.


 Kim, Hansem (Business Administration, Class of 09) / I feel that I’m still alive when a girl approaches me first. I think it’s because it’s not easy for a girl to approach a man first.




Ann, Hyunjun (Business Administration, Class of 12) Right / When I am studying, I think it is a privilege of students to study.

Kim, Jiyoung (Business Administration, Class of 11) Left / When my puppy does what I tell him to do. My dog usually has his own way so I feel good every time he is obedient.


 Lee, Wonjun (Business Administration, Class of 14) / When I hear that class is canceled next week. I feel better because I don’t need to go to school that week.




 Jeong, Hyeongwoo (Tourism Management, Class of 11) Left / When I woke up to find that I got a message from someone I like. It’s because I don’t need to wait for their message or call.



 Lee, Sangmin (Mechanical Engineering, Class of 14) Left / When I play a computer game. I am usually too busy to play computer games, so I feel happy when I can play a game unexpectedly.



 Lee, Yungyong (English Language and Literature, Class of 14) / When I have to make a copy and have coins. Coins are not usually important, but they are useful for making copies because I don’t need to use a one thousand won bill.



Gim, Namcheol (Taekwondo, Class of 11)/ When eating delicious food, I feel like tasting every kind of delicious food in the world, one by one.




 Byun, Junhwan (Accounting, Class of 08) Left / When mother gives me a credit card. I should be thrifty when I spend my money, but I can spend as much as I want with my mom’s credit card.

Kim, Kyungmin (Statistics, Class of 08) Right / When I see a girl who is my ideal type. Sometimes I think I have to give up finding a girl who is my type, but I feel I can find her when I see such a girl in the street.

Park, Jiyeol (Urban Planning Department, Class of14) Left / I feel very good when I finish a difficult assignment and eat ‘gigigo’.




 Lee, Seungcheol (Computer Engineering, Class of 14) Left / When I lie down on bed after doing exercise and taking a shower. I feel refreshed after I do exercise and take a shower, and I feel comfortable and relaxed on my bed.

Jeon, Eunji (Computer Engineering, Class of 14) Middle / When I eat ice flake for a dessert after a meal. My mouth does not feel fresh after a meal but I can remove that feeling with an ice flake.

 Nam, Yunjae (Electronic Engineering, Class of 10) Right / I feel happy when I drink an alcoholic beverage with people I like. I can reduce the stress caused by my studies.

Kim, Minyoung (Electronic Engineering, Class of 11) Left / I feel happy only if I am with nice people.

Jang, Hawon (Early Childhood Education, Class of 14) / When I have enough sleep on weekends. I have to get up early on weekdays for morning classes.



  I thought the answers to the questions might be limited to a certain extent, but I got more diverse answers than I thought. Most of the student thought a lot and finally gave their answers, which shows that they are not aware of their petty happiness. I hope these answers will give students the chance to think about their trifle happiness in their daily lives.

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