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Northwest University
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  Gachon University and Northwest University established a sisterhood relationship on January1st , 2012. The contents of this agreement include exchange students, dispatch students and professors’ interactions. Northwest University is one of the most actively interacting universities with Gachon University. Every semester 2 or 3 students are selected for this university. In the spring semester of 2014, 3 students were selected and in the fall semester, 2 students will be selected.
  Northwest university was founded on the basis of Christian ideals on October 1st , 1934. This university is located on the outskirts of Seattle and has campuses in Alaska, Montana, Nevada, North Pacific Latin American, Northern California, Oregon, Southern Idaho, and Wyoming. The size of the campus is smaller than that of Gachon University, but as the Seattle campus is situated outside of the city, it has wonderful scenery. Unlike other universities which have fancy campuses near downtown centers, Northwest is harmonized with nature, which provides a cozy residential environment. Moreover, the transportation is convenient so you can easily get downtown. The campus is a semi-wooded tract of fifty-six acres overlooking Lake Washington and the city of Seattle.
   Northwest has six schools and colleges including; Arts & Sciences, Business & Management, Education, Ministry, Nursing, and Social & Behavioral Sciences. Northwest has 31 majors and 30 minors (there are some subjects that you can choose only for minors). There are a lot of subjects concerned with theology and students must study the New Testament, however this is not a requirement for exchange students. In this university, communication, English, intercultural studies, contemporary music industry, interdisciplinary studies, pastoral ministries, psychology, elementary and secondary education is specialized. Classes are small with around 10 students. The motto of Northwest is, ‘CARRY THE CALL OF GOD’ which means ‘doing God’s work’. This concept includes fostering academic excellence and being dedicated to spiritual vitality. In fact, chapels are offered 3 times a week and a bible study group is also managed. Before the class starts, they pray for important issues. Owing to the atmosphere at Northwest, unlike other huge Washington universities, it is evaluated as a safe university. Moreover, thanks to the school’s willingness to be friendly to foreign students, you can easily adapt yourself to this school. 
  The mascot of Northwest is the Northwest eagle. When there is a big event like orientation, you can watch parades with many eagle costumes. The shield-shaped logo with a cross and a bible inside it is a recognizable sight of Northwest as a Christian school. In Northwest it is easy for women to participate in sports. For men only four games (soccer, basketball, cross country and track & field) are available. But for women, six games (soccer, basketball, cross country, track & field, soft ball and volley ball) are available. Northwest won the national championship in female basketball game in 1987 and in male basketball game in 1993 at NCCAA. Northwest competes a lot with other universities to produce great athletes. You can visit Northwest University website to see a list of graduates and their exploits, and who went on to be great players.

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