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If you have an interest in volunteer service, do not hesitate and head for Gachon University’s Social Volunteer Corps!Resolve all curiosities about voluntary service at Social Volunteer Corps.
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  As Korea has attempted to become a developed country and come to realize the importance of taking care of others, attention to volunteer services is increasing. Although some students have a lot of interest in volunteering, they don’t get a chance to do it because they don’t know how to apply. To help those students, I will introduce a site named ‘Social Volunteer Corps’ where you can get information about volunteering and details about volunteer activities managed by Gachon University. The purpose of ‘Social Volunteer Corps’ is to cultivate a man of talent who practices‘ philanthropy, volunteering, and patriotism’, which is the founding philosophy of the school. Its main tasks are managing a social volunteer subject, giving grades, developing and teaching social volunteering programs, supporting local social volunteering programs, supporting the school and overseas volunteering program, revitalizing the social volunteering club, rewarding excellent volunteers, offering special lectures of social volunteering, and issuing certificates of volunteer activity.

  Social volunteer activities that are permitted by the university include public institutions, welfare facilities, mentoring programs, the environmental conservation campaign, green scouts, joining in activities such as protecting rights and interests of citizens, as well as volunteer work for on-campus and abroad volunteer services. The representative volunteer service is the farming volunteer service. For farming volunteer service, students assist with things like wrapping fruit trees, helping with other types of farming, and giving a hand in preparing parties for the aged. These are regular activities that take place every year. In order to apply for volunteer service, you should first check the announcement section of the Social Volunteer Corps website to find volunteer work that interests you and then register according to the instructions. Next, fill out the form and send it by e-mail. Some activities require money, so carefully check it out before applying.

  Let’s also check out other representative activities managed by ‘Social Volunteer Corps’. It runs a subject called ’Social Volunteer’. This was initially offered in 1998 for the purpose of improving student’s holistic personality development and communal living and making a contribution to the local community. All students except for prospective graduates can take it. After registration, you get 1 credit if you complete 32 hours of volunteer work and submit the result. A maximum of 2 credits can be received from this subject before graduation and it is graded as pass or fail. Also, personal volunteer work or work in a profitable, religious, or political organization will not be approved. As to blood donation, whole blood donation and component blood donation are approved as 4 hours of voluntary service at a time. Whole blood donation is accepted only 2 times and component blood donation is 3 times. To get volunteer service approved you have to submit a result report cover letter, certification of volunteer service, and write your opinions of the volunteer service on 2 sheets of A4 paper. You can get the result report cover letter and opinion form at the ‘Social Volunteer Corps’ announcement page and you can obtain a certificate at the center or organization where you volunteered.

  Social Volunteer Corps has all the information relating to in and out of school volunteer service. So if you are curious about volunteering or want to be part of it, get information here. Also, let’s share various kinds of voluntary services with students who are not yet interested in volunteering so that each can join volunteer service.

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