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e learn English from when we are very young; from kindergarten to college student, even before we complete learning Korean. But when we are faced with a foreigner asking for directions in the street, or when we learn English from a native English speaking teacher, we freeze. Why? The problem results from the English teaching method in Korea. In Korea English education focuses on reading and writing skills. So students who learn English in Korea are weak at listening and speaking skills, which leads them to the above mentioned situation in which they find it very difficult to use English in their daily lives. To resolve this problem, this article is about to introduce an internet site, English Central.
  Signing up for this web site can simply be done by entering an E-mail address. English Central contains listening, speaking, reading, and writing, but mainly specializes in listening and speaking. Looking into the website, it is organized into three sections; video, vocabulary, and pronunciation. Firstly, users can benefit from various materials in the video section, such as videos from TV, famous speeches, news videos, business English, tourism English, and common English. Users can see overall contents(scripts) of a video in the vocabulary section. Finally, in the pronunciation section users can record themselves to check their own pronunciation and intonation. English Central also provides scoring and color coding to indicate words that need more pronunciation practice. Clicking on each word will give users correct pronunciation and intonation so they can compare and figure out the specific problems. Hearing the sound of each consonant and vowel by clicking on the pronunciation button is also possible. Images of mouth shapes show how a mouth moves when pronouncing specific sounds, making it easier for users to learn. For difficult words, strategy and tactics of experts are also provided. Furthermore, articulating methods, pronunciation secrets and comparison between two similar words are also included.
  Unlike other websites, this website contains English that students don’t usually learn in schools or academies, but are essential in daily living. In particular, the video script recording feature and pointing out and telling how to fix incorrect pronunciation and intonation, makes this website different from others. I really want to recommend English Central to those students who want to talk with foreigners fluently. You will see your listening and speaking skills improving as you use this website.

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