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Do you have a person you really want to meet? And why?
Hwang In-Soo  |  insoo94@naver.com
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Updated : 2014.09.11  16:45:44
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  The 123rd Campus Talk of The Gachon Herald is asking the question, “Do you have a person you really want to meet? And why?” Probably each student has a role model or a respectable person who he or she wants to emulate. Many students get frustrated at not being able to reach their goal and in the end some of them even give up their goal due to a busy lifestyle. I picked this title so that students could think of their own role model and be reminded of their initial goal.

Lee, Dongsuk (Mechanic Engineering14)
A patriotic martyr Ahn, Junggeun: I wonder who he last man was that he was thinking of when he died in prison after killing Governor Ito Hirobumi.




Park, Junghee (Open Major14)
Admiral Lee, Sunshin: I want to learn his powerful leadership style and emulate his charisma.





Kim, Jin-hyun (Taekwondo14)
Park, Jisung: I want to emulate his healthy mind, personality and his excellent soccer skills.





Song, Inyoung (Chemical Engineering13)
Jhuge Liang: I want to emulate his brilliant intelligence and tactics.






Chung, Eunbin (Media Image Advertising 14)
King Sejong: He loved his people so much that he made Hunminjeongeum. I want to emulate his love of people.




Lee, Wonjoon, (Business Administration 14)
Admiral Lee, Sunshin: I wonder if his last words were true.





Yoon, Jieun (Tourism Management14)
Helen Keller: I want to know the impetus that helped her overcome her handicap.





Lee, Minsoo (Electric Engineering14)
Ban, Kimoon: I want to talk with him because I think he is the most successful Korean man.





Kim, Eunahe (Food and Biological Resources Engineering13)
Steve Jobs: I wonder why he established Apple.

Lim, Chaeeun (Food and Biological Resources Engineering13)
Lee, Keonhee: I want to understand the driving force that has made today’s Samsung.



Yoon, Jisun (Business Administration 14)
Howard Schultz: I want to learn the leadership skills that he employed to establish Starbucks as the top coffee shop in the world.





Lee, Changyun (Computer Science 14)
Jay-Z: His love for his family is great enough to buy his wife an island. I want to follow his love of family.




Lim, Hyosun (Healthcare Management14)
Steve Jobs: I wonder how they always manage to design new captivating iPhone models.





Shin, Yoonji (Mathematices13)
Kim, Yuna: I want to know the secret that helped her when she was in challenging circumstances and made her what she is today.

 Lim, Chaejoon (Mathematices13)
Michael Jordan: First of all, I really love basketball and there are many quotes concerning Michael Jordan which prove that he is very reputable. I want to see him and discuss what he thinks of those sayings.


Jo, Yeahwon (Tourism Management14)
Yoo, Kwansun: If I had been born in that time, I wouldn’t have been able to dedicate myself to my country as she did. So I want to learn the source of her bravery.

Lee, Jaewon (Tourism Management14)
Admiral, Lee, Sunshin: I want to emulate his fortitude as it is shown in movies and dramas.


Yoo, Haeryan (Painting, Sculpture14)
Kim, Goo: I want to learn how to embrace all the people like him.

Ahn, Sunyoung (Painting, Sculpture14)
Andy Warhol: His influence led me to choose my major. I want to talk about his drawings.




  Surprisingly, I thought most of the answers would overlap but they turned out to be very fresh and novel. Also, they covered various fields, not being confined to their majors or interests. As I was doing interviews, I realized there are numerous things to learn from all these great people. I hope students think of their answers as a chance to remind themselves of a role model they wish to emulate and which will lead them closer to their goals.

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