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Ritsumeikan UniversityInformation on Ex  change Student Program
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  In 2003, Kyungwon Universitiy signed an academic ex change agreement with Ritsumeikan University, located in Kyoto, Japan. Ritsumeikan’s main campus is located in Kyoto and their Biwako-Kusatsu Campus (BKC) is located in Shiga. They also have an affiliated campus in Oita which opened up in 2000.
  Ritsumeikan University was founded in 1900 by Kojuro Nakagawa. ‘Ritsumeikan’
means ‘a place to establish one’s destiny by cultivating one’s mind’ and the university’s ideals of education are ‘peace and democracy’. Ritsumeikan University consists of 12 colleges and 12 graduate schools. They focus on enabling academic ex change study and developing interdisciplinary studies. Their college of International Relations has received special recognition in Japan. Ritsumeikan University has many scholarship programs and facilities for international students because they have high regard for those studying abroad as ex change students.
  Kyoto, the area    where Ritsumeikan University is located, has many cultural sites like the Kinkakuji Temple, the Ginkakuji Temple, and the Kiyomizu Temple. The Kiyomisu Temple in particular is very popular for its beautiful scenery, so it is a must see for foreigners’ sightseeing in Kyoto.  From the Kyoto tower, you can see the entire downtown view during the day, and you can also enjoy a wonderful night view at night. Kyoto is also famous for its Gion Festival, which is one of Japan’s top three festivals. The Gion Festival is held every July, and people  from all over the world come to celebrate. The peak of this festival is in mid-July.
  Because of recent disasters, people are worried about the academic ex change program, but Ritsumeikan located in the western district which is considered to be relatively safe.


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