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  Gachon University’s Global Campus made an agreement on visiting students exchange program with Monash University on February 14th, 2011.
  Monash University, established in 1958, is the biggest university in Australia. Also, it is one of the G8, the prestigious Australia University group, and it gains good recognition in Australia. In addition, it is always in the one hundred World University rankings published by The Times and QS World Universities Ranking. And this internationally renowned university has its campus in China, Malaysia, South Africa, Italy and India, too.

  Melbourne of Australia in which Monash Univ. is located is the next largest city in Australia to Sydney. Melbourne is famous for European-style buildings, beautiful natural landscapes and multicultural city. And it is known as the best city for studying abroad because there are many famous universities and national professional technical university, TAFE. Also Melbourne’s traffic is convenient because tram has replaced subway or bus.

  Monash University has six campuses in Australia. Clayton campus is the original campus of Monash University and the total area is one hundred hectare. It is not only a good environment to study but also sports & leisure facilities are available. Berwick is located in southeastern Australia and traffic is comfortable because it is near the railroad station. Caulfield is a densely populated area, so there are many shopping centers and leisure facilities. Gippsland is very rustic campus where koalas and kangaroos can be seen inside the campus. Parkvill is located in the middle of Melbourne and one of the institutions in Parkvill medical research complex. In this campus you can enjoy urban life and multinational culture. In Peninsula you can enjoy one of the greatest landscapes of Victoria state. The campus is close to the beach and commercial area. 
  Monash University is divided into ten departments : Art Design & Architecture, Arts, Business and Economics, Education, Engineering, Information Technology, Law, Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences, Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences, and Science. Especially the university is famous for Business Administration, Engineering, Design, Nursing science, Law, and Pharmacy. Pharmacy is the most outstanding department as it was ranked number 10 in the world, whose excellence was shown in its successful giving birth to a test-tube baby for the first time in the world. It also has introduced scholarship program for foreign students admitted to college of pharmacy since 2014. It awards students scholarship of 50% tuition according to their academic ability. Inside all these 10 departments there are subdivision programs. Therefore students can choose major first and then choose the department. You can receive a diploma of two majors since the school provides double major program like Korean universities.
  Thus, student can enter Monash University by completing a freshman course or foundation process (a preliminary program of undergraduate course which is provided for foreign students who are lack of educational period) like other Australia universities. All departments usually require grade of more than IELTS 6.5, but college of law, pharmacy and medicine demand more than 7.0. Although it might seem slightly high, but once students reach a certain level after getting language education at Monash University English Center or affiliated language institution, they are allowed to enter, so they can lessen their burden. Students without IELTS grade or students who need to improve English ability can get an admission by completing Monash College diploma process or Monash University entrance program after taking Monash English online test.

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