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트위터 페이스북 미투데이 요즘 네이버 구글 msn

  Two years ago I got a chance to stay in Malaysia for six months as an exchange student of University of Malaya. I enjoyed every moment of it while I was staying there because it was totally amazing to experience other cultures and meet a variety of people who have different backgrounds. Especially, the population of Malaysia consists of many ethnic groups so you can learn what diversity is. Malaysia prides itself on being one of the most multi-racial countries in the world. Therefore, if you become an exchange student of University of Malaya, you will be able to make Muslim friends easily who practice Malay customs and their unique cultures that you've never experienced before in Korea.
  While taking speaking class during the semester, I could make a lot of Muslim friends because I was only one foreigner in that class. We often had a discussion about something related with values, cultures and history of our own countries. I enjoyed sharing thoughts with friends and tried to understand their country essentially. I was able to attain some knowledge of how they think about their religion and what their value of life is through the exchange program. It helped me a lot to understand the whole Malaysia and I found I have a lot in common with them. In particular, I got close to one of my classmates whose name is Afiqah. She is a Muslim and her dress always covers her body entirely. She must pray five times a day. I often visited many temples with her. Luckily, she also allowed me to wear her traditional clothes. After the semester finished, she invited me to her home which is located in Kuching and I stayed at her house for four days, which made my stay in Malaysia a memorable one.
  Furthermore, you can enjoy sunshine throughout the year in Malaysia as any other tropical countries. If you are a fan of tropical fruit such as mangosteen and rambutan, this is the place to find them. It is easy to find various tropical fruits everywhere at cheap prices. The only thing that bothered me was occasional rain and heavy shower due to precipitation and monsoon season, so I recommend you to visit Malaysia during hot season from March to October.
  Lastly, the most memorable thing was that I took part in a volunteer club in University of Malaya. I made many foreign exchange friends while staying in the dormitory and we joined 'Self-Improvement Program' of which the goal is to provide University of Malaya students with opportunities to study different languages. Exchange students including me taught languages for free of charge. I was in charge of managing two Korean classes of 32 students from September to December. I could get along with my students and teachers who came from all over the world as having dinner together after classes. After three months, three students got a chance to come to Korea as an exchange student and I'm sure it was totally interesting, and rewarding experience. Thus, Exchange Student Program was a precious and truly significant experience which could widen my perspectives on life.

Park Eun-Sun Dept.of English literature

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Thank you for the sharing. Hope to see you again in Malaysia.
(2014-04-09 13:49:46)
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