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Unexpected trip ticket. Where do you want to go?
Kim Min-Sun  |  dajung0332@naver.com
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Updated : 2014.03.26  21:42:42
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  Traveling TV programs such as “Grandfathers Over Flowers” and “Sisters Over Flowers” lately caught on. Viewers are drawn to the stories of celebrities traveling all around the world and experiencing exotic cultures. Anyone who sees this program cannot help but think “I want to go to travel.”
So, the second question of Campus Talk is “If you have gained unexpected free travel ticket, where would you like to go?” We interviewed many students on campus and heard where they would like to go.





Europe(Germany): Since my major is architecture, I’d like to go abroad and study my major furthermore. And I’d like to explore awesome structures.




 Bae,su-jong(French Language & Literature’07)


France: I’d like to study my major. So I want to study French literature and experience French culture.




Choi,hong-young (Economics’07)



Turkey: I know that the culture of Turkey is the harmonization of Eastern and Western culture. I want to experience that atmosphere.





Park,Hyeong-jin (Architecture’10)



(left) Guam Island: I heard natural landscape is awesome. I’d like to go there and see it.

(right) India: I cannot tell you why in a word, but I’d just like to go there and see.




Jeon, Ha-nul (Global Healthcare Management‘14)Lee,Ji-yeong(Nursing‘14)Kim,Seong-su(Law’14)Baek,Jeong-im(Mass Communication’14)

Bali: I feel cold easily, so I‘d like to go to warm place.

Okinawa: My sister lately has been to Okinawa, Japan. She said Okinawa was beautiful and exciting. So I’d like to go, too.

Africa: I’d like to explore wild areas and have new challenges.

 Brazil: I’d like to go to Brazil because I‘d like to explore Amazon.

 Lee, Dong-ryun(Mechanical Engineering’13)



 Saipan: I’d like to swim in Saipan beach and experience exotic culture.





Hong, Su-jin(Tourism Management’13)



Travel around the world:I’d like to go on a world trip, not just one country. It’d be much more fun to go to many places.





Lim,Dae-geon(Bio Nano Technology’13)




Canada: I want to be mesmerized by Canada’s natural landscape and that atmosphere. .





Lee,Seong-hak(Energy IT’13)




Spain: I’d like to go to Spain, the country of passion after studying Spanish. And I’d like to communicate in Spanish.






 Yoon, So-jeong(Nursing’14)




Je-ju Island: I haven’t been to Je-ju Island and never taken a plane. If I get a free trip ticket, I’d like to travel Je-ju.





Min,Mi-ran(Early Childhood Education’14)


 (left)Europe: I’d like to go to Europe that has awesome architectures made of marble.
If I can, I’d like to go backpacking with my friends.

(right)Maldives: If I go Maldives, I want to take a rest, appreciating
beautiful landscape.




We had various answers to the question, “where would you like to go?”
They have different places to go to and different reasons. Trip is one of the wish lists of the twenties. We hope you to go wherever you want to go with the privilege of freedom as a university student. Thanks to the students who shared opinions with Campus Talk and we hope their wishes will come true.

Baek,Seong-ha(Early Childhood Education’13)
Bolivia: I’d like to see Uyuni Salt desert with my own eyes. It would be very fascinating.
Kim,Min-seon (Early Childhood Education’13)
New Zealand: I saw it from TV program called “Dad, where are we going?” It has beautiful natural scenes and clean and unpolluted air, which made me want to go there.
Kim, So-hyeon(Early Childhood Education’13)
Switzerland: I saw some photos of Switzerland. They were splendid and so I really want to go there.
Kim, Yu-mi (Civil & Environment Engineering’13)
Spain: My grandparents have been to Spain, and both of them were fascinated. They told me about  beautiful catholic churches and natural landscapes and I want to see them. 

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