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Swansea University
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n May 24th, 2005, Swansea University and Gachon University made an agreement. The contents of the agreement include an exchange of students and grope for the development direction.
  Swansea University is located in Swansea, a safe, beautiful port town. This city is famous for Swansea City FC which Sungyueng Ki belong to. The city is home to the Dylan Thomas Centre, which celebrates life and work of the great Welsh poet. Swansea is a beautiful beach city where tourists ceaselessly come and go.
  Located in the beautiful city, Swansea University is the second largest university in UK and is a public university. This university was founded as Swansea University College belongs to six educational institutions affiliated with Wales University in 1920. This university, opened with 89 students at that time, has focused on the education of science and technology related to industry of the South Wales. The new title of Swansea University was formally adopted on 1st of September in 2007 when the University of Wales became a non-membership con federal institution and the former members became universities in their own right. This university has 12,500 students and provides a varied undergraduates& postgraduates from college of arts and humanities, college of business and economics, college of law, college of engineering, college of human and health science, College of Medicine, College of Science. And this university consists of 529 undergraduates and 130 postgraduates. Besides, according to investigation of UK government, Swansea University attained ‘Excellent’ on every major. Every major has their own rank. Civil engineering ranks second in UK, general engineering ranks fifth in UK, medicine ranks seventh in UK, materials engineering ranks eighth in UK. The University has restructured in recent years, expanding popular areas such as History, English, Geography and Computer Science while The Department of Chemistry has been closed down. Recent course additions include Aerospace Engineering as well as a partnership with Cardiff University to provide a four-year accelerated graduate-entry medical degree (MB BCh) in Swansea which was launched in 2004.
   Swansea University has a number of foreign students since they have sisterhood relationship with more than 100 universities around the world. So, Swansea University provides various English programs for more than 3000 international students. And they are provided with International Student Advisory service where student can consult various problems other than studying. Some facilities in the campus include library, sports village, Wales national pool, 360 Beach and Water Sports Center, Museum of Egyptian Antiquities and etc. The main Library & Information Centre on the Singleton campus has over 800,000 books and periodicals, along with access to a wide range of electronic resources including over 23,000 electronic journals. The Sports Village is used by the University for its Sports Degree Courses as well for general student recreation. Indoors of Sports Village includes 6-lane running track, gymnasium, sports hall, tennis courts, squash courts and a climbing wall. And outdoor facilities include an 8-lane running track and floodlit playing fields including rugby, football, lacrosse and cricket pitches. The Wales National Pool in the Sketty area of Swansea, Wales, is a 50 meter swimming pool. The pool is one of five of British Swimming's Intensive Training Centers (ITC), used to train swimmers for the London 2012 Olympics. The 360 Beach and Water Sports Center offers a range of sports, activities and training such as kite surfing, paddle boarding, kayaking, beach volleyball and a beach side bistro to the local community, students, enthusiasts and visiting tourists.
  The University's coat of arms was granted by the College of Heralds in 1921 and remains an elegant representation of its traditions, heritage, and standing. The University's motto, ‘Gweddw crefft heb ei dawn’, which can be translated as ‘Craft is bereft with no inborn gift’, is taken from the Myvyrian Archaiology, one of the earliest collections of medieval Welsh literature to be printed entirely in Welsh.

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