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What is the year 2014 to you?
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  The 18th presidential inauguration, Asiana plane crash, and baseball player Ryu Hyun Jin’s achievement of 14 wins in MLB. The eventful 2013 is passing quickly and 2014 is stepping in. The year 2013 must have left you with a lot of memories, regrets, or happiness. Then what is the meaning of 2014, that you’ll soon greet, to you? Do you have any hope for the New Year? The first question of the new section Campus Talk, which is created for sharing opinions with Gachon University students, is “What is the year 2014 to you?” We interviewed many students on campus and heard what 2014 means to them.
Sin DaEun(English Language & Literature ‘12)


The year of death (as I’ll be 3rd grade)




Kim JiHoo( English Language & Literature ‘11)



The year of Diet and Waiting




Eun YuMi(Landscape Architecture ‘12


It is the starting point of a new goal and my unlimited life journey.




Kim GyoShin(Tourism Management ‘07):


Darkness. I’m so tired of reality while I keep getting older.





Lee YeonJoo (Chemical & Biological Engineering ‘11), Kim NamWoo (Fire & Disaster Protection Engineering ‘08):



Time to prepare for my future!




Heo Joon (Mechanical & Automative Engineering ‘10):


There were lots of regrets in 2013. In 2014, I’ll be very busy. I want to spend my time without regrets and also prepare for my certificate of qualifications.



Kim DongHyeon(Civil & Environment Engineering ‘13)


 2014 is a depressing year for me since I have to go to the army. But at the same time, it’s a year that I’ll become a real man.



Yu JIHong(Industrial Engineering ‘12)



The year filled with expectations!




Kim Dawoon(International Trade ‘13)Choi YuJin(International Trade ‘13)


 It is the period of thinking about study and studying abroad. Also a period with many changes.
Hope to have outstanding grades in 2014!




Hong YoChep(Civil & Environment Engineering ‘08)


 Complicated and worrisome year, because of my graduation.




Lee MyungSub (Economics ‘11)



The year of promising new meetings ♥



 Gwon SunJae (Environmental & Energy Engineering ‘13), Sung JunHo (Environmental & Energy Engineering ‘13):


It is a year of entering the military.




Won YuJin (Food Science & Biotechnology ‘09)


Year of worrying about getting a job.




The Gachon Herald reporters also asked themselves what 2014 means to them.

Kim DanBee (English Language & Literature ‘12):
The year that I’m really looking forward to. I hope everything that I’ll be doing in 2014 goes well.
Choi HyunJin (English Language & Literature ‘12): It is a very promising year. And I hope for me to do my best as much as the expectations that I’m having.
Kim YuMi (Civil & Environment Engineering ‘13): The year filled with passion. Wish only good things happen in 2014!

  Many students are anxious rather than having hopes and expectations for the fresh start in 2014. Although the new departure might be difficult and fearful, it is important to think how to make the New Year valuable. We hope you to think of 2014 as a gift and start a new journey with joyful expectations. Making a New Year’s resolution may feel very cliché, but let’s plan one more time and start again with passion. We hope you have a year full of achievements and happiness. Happy New Year!

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