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My study abroad life in Korea
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  I have been in Korea for 3 years. I’ve learned Korean for one and a half years in the International language school at the Gachon University. And now I am a second year student. I’m majoring in accounting and tax.
  After graduating from high school, my sister and I immediately came to Korea. We did not learn Korean before the arrival to Korea. I was so afraid that I only stayed at home other than going to school in the first month. But I really love Korean Culture and I wanted to adapt to life in Korea as soon as possible, so I tried my best to learn Korean. I gradually started to adapt to life in Korea after 3 months. I made a few good friends and we went shopping together and visited a lot of famous places in Seoul. For example, we went to the Hangang to see the cherry blossoms and rode a bicycle along the river. We went to Myeong Dong and Dongdaemun for shopping and went to Children's Park to see the animals and so on.
  And we had a cultural experience every term. We visited many famous travel attractions in Korea. The most impressive attraction for me was the East Sea. We went swimming with teachers and set off fireworks in the evening. And last term, many foreign students were invited to the Gachon University president’s home for a Barbecue Party. I was very lucky to be one of the representatives of the foreign students to sit together with the president. I was very grateful to my teacher for giving me that opportunity.
  I like Korean food culture very much. As we all know, oil consumption in Korean food is less than that of Chinese food. It is good for our health. I quickly adapted to the Korean food. I especially like Haejangguk, Gamja tang, tteokbokki and Stir-fried Chicken ribs.
  I have adapted to life in Korea, but the coursework was a huge burden on me this semester. The major subjects were very difficult for me, but I did my best to get the finest result out of them. I usually relieve stresses by listening to music or watching cartoons. Although this semester was pretty busy, still it was very fulfilling.
I will make the rest of the two and a half years of Korean university life a more beautiful and memorable period of my life.

YU Hae-jeong

Dept.of Accounting&Taxation

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