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  If you are interested in learning English as well as about American and British culture, watching movies is a great way to have fun and develop English at the same time. Yet, sometimes you might want to focus on what is being said, without paying attention to what is shown onscreen. Reading dialogues and stage directions feels a little bit different from watching a movie, and by reading scripts you may feel as if you can relate to and understand the characters and plot at a deeper level. Though it doesn’t help you with improving your English listening skills, it provides you with an experience to approach what has been actually written to create a movie. Moreover, reading and understanding what is being said in its context, also allows you to learn how to express yourself in any given situation.

  http://www.simplyscripts.com/ is a website that offers hundreds of movie scripts, including Oscar winning movies, television shows, radio shows, musicals and plays. Every new script is updated on its main page, and you can easily access and download it by clicking. You can download any script for free and participate in a discussion through the Discussion Board.

  On top of the main page, you can see menus such as Movie Scripts, TV Scripts, Unproduced Scripts, Radio Scripts, so on and so forth. If you are a fan of anime, plays, and musicals, you may have extra fun here as the site provides an impressive catalogue of each genre.
The page also operates a Movie Reviews page, which may guide you to choose a script or help you analyze the movie better after watching it. You can share your opinions on the Discussion Board, or just read all the threads of ongoing discussions. Finally, there is The Store section for you in case you are interested in purchasing books on script writing or scripts. You can navigate, have fun, and learn as much as you can.

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