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achon University made an agreement with KIMEP University on August 6, 2012. The President of Gachon University Gil Ya Lee, and the president of KIMEP University, Chan young Bang had a meeting and promised the exchange for mutual improvement. Contents of the exchange include student exchanges, research projects, and symposiums. KIMEP is a prestigious University in Middle Asia that was established by Chief Park Chan Young under the request of Nursultan Nazarbayev, the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan, on January 14, 1992. The purpose of this establishment is to cultivate talented students for reconstruction of the economy. KIMEP University has been showing significant growth since its establishment two decades ago, leading Kazakhstan’s innovative college education by uncorrupted school management and a strong will of globalization. Despite the KIMEP University’s short history, it’s the only infrastructure that has joined the Bologna Process. On February 8, 2012, KIMEP was selected as a top university by the Ministry of Education of Kazakhstan and most satisfied university by CEO corporations.
  First, I want to briefly explain Kazakhstan’s education system. Unlike the system of Korean Universities, there’s no collegiate university there. That means colleges specialized in a certain area such as Art or Medical colleges are established on its own, not to be included under a university. KIMEP University is specialized in the social sciences and management areas so they don’t teach science, engineering and art. It currently offers eight degree programs, including undergraduate programs in Business Administration, Economics, Political Science and International Relations, Public Administration and Journalism as well as Masters Programs in Business Administration, Economics, Law, and Teaching English as a Foreign Language. KIMEP University is exclusive in business and economy since it’s focusing on those areas. Although the country uses Russian, all KIMEP University degree programs are operated in English. Communication with professors takes most of the class time, so student participation is important. Atmosphere is also different from classes in Korea. Over 40% of the students at KIMEP University are international students from 25 different countries, including Kazakhstan, Russia, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, USA, UK, Germany, China and Korea. Typically, students speak English on campus and Russian off campus. Most local students are fluent in English, Russian, and the Kazakh language.
  Students who need to improve their English can participate in a ‘Foundation course’ and major classes. ‘Foundation course’ is a kind of English course. Foundation level is determined by a student’s English skill and the lower level you get the longer you stay in the foundation course.
KIMEP University follows the American system of credits. Every student is assigned to a faculty member as his or her academic advisor. In addition, international students have a local student peer advisor who can help with cultural adjustment issues and serves as a guide for Almaty. There is little discrimination at KIMEP University on the grounds of racial, national, gender, religious, or any other terms. Kazakhstani students live and study together with their international classmates. KIMEP University students spend a big portion of their time preparing group assignments, creating presentations and conducting their own research. Although attendance is crucial to all classes, many professors do not take official attendance.
KIMEP University operates a Buddy System with KISA (KIMEP INTERNATIONAL STUDENT AFFAIRS). The object of this program would be to help exchange students from another country. When they arrive, KISA helps them with everything related to extension of visa, local life, and course registration. There is a Korean KIMEP international center that manages Korean students.
  KIMEP University is located in the center of Almaty which is the economic capital. Almaty is the most advancing city among all middle Asia that plays role of center in political, economic and culture. Under the early city planning, parks are well made, roads are broad and street trees are beautifully planted. Almaty’s population consists of Russian, Kazakhstan, Ukrainian, Korean and so on. And their architecture is in the ‘European’ style. Local people, influenced by the Korean wave, prefer Koreans rather than other Asians.
  Kazakhstan is growing rapidly as a middle Asian rising economic power through an actively opening market policy and enough natural resources. Also, lots of other countries are paying attention to Kazakhstan since its average economic growth has reached 10%. With the improvement of Kazakhstan, KIMEP University is also expected to be a great university.

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