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Afraid of writing? There’s the Writing Center!Whenever unsure about writing, ask the writing center.
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  Probably every student has an experience at least once, of being frustrated writing a letter of self-introduction, term paper or resume. Didn’t you wonder because you didn’t know how and where to improve your writing? Gachon University runs its Writing Center for those who need help on their writing. If you are a registered student, you may have taken a writing class as a mandatory liberal arts course. Those classes are one of the Writing Center’s many efforts to teach students the basic skills of writing. Yet if you still find writing difficult after the mandatory writing classes, let’s fully utilize the service provided by the Writing Center.
  Services of the Writing Center are roughly divided into three. First, the center provides basic knowledge and skills which are necessary for writing. Not only opening writing classes, they also run a ‘Writing study room’ on their homepage. You can find categories of ‘various writing methods’ and ‘learning room,’ and you can see posts about ‘book report writing’, ‘column writing’, ‘letters of self-introduction’, and so on under the category of ‘‘various writing method’. Depending on what form of writing they need to do, students can pick the information that they need. In ‘Learning room,’ you can see posts about basic information such as spelling, quotation, loanword orthography, and so on. When students are not sure about their writing, they can look up the information and help themselves.
  Second, the Writing Center answers students’ questions on-line and off-line. Students can get consultations on their writing through an on-line category ‘writing counseling’ on the Writing Center’s homepage. If you want to be consulted in person, you should call the Writing Center or make an appointment on-line. Lastly, the Writing Center discovers students’ writing potential and helps them develop it through various events. It holds a book report contest twice every year, and any enrolled Gachon University student can participate unless they are on their second semester of the senior year. Participants read one of the designated books, write a book report, and submit their report on-line or visit the Writing Center. Opening the book report contest, the Writing Center always hosts a special lecture on book report writing to encourage students’ writing. As well as the book report contest, they also open book concert such as ‘Book sympathy concert with writer Shin Gyeong sook’ last April, or a special lecture on writing as well as managing a campaign for ethical writing---all in order to help students to boost their writing ability. Themes for special lecture on writing are various from ‘Conditions of good book report’ to ‘Expression of esthetic experience and writing.’
  The Writing Center is located in Vision tower A, room number B 206. Its online address is www.Gachon.ac.kr/write. When you find it hard to write, and when you want to advance your writing, let’s utilize the writing center. Getting help from the center is the best way to enhance your writing ability, which is one of the essential virtues for any university student these days.
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