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What I felt as an exchange student
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  Hello, Gachon university students. I'm Uyanga, an exchange student from Mongolia to Gachon University. First, I have to say thanks to Gachon University and Huree University who have given me the chance to become an exchange student. It was 6 months ago when I first came to Korea from Mongolia. It was really hard for me to adapt to the Korean life style and live without my family. But there were lots of interesting and funny experiences. Classes with my friends were fun and I’m glad that I made a lot of memories with them. I feel lucky that I came to Gachon University as an exchange student. Since I’m majoring in English literature, listening to lectures of American professors was helpful to me. Moreover, there wasn’t any trouble communicating even though I can’t speak Korean well because the professors were American. And I loved the way that the professors taught us. It was awesome. They paid extra attention to us because we are foreign students. And I like our school buildings. They are incredibly beautiful and pretty. I especially like the Global Zone because it is convenient for studying. I really like the Global Zone. When I have free time I spent most of my time there with my friends. Sometimes I did my homework and when I got bored of studying, I went to the second floor and watched a movie. I wish our own school had this kind of place in Mongolia. Everyone in Gachon University treated us with kindness and they helped us a lot. When I was in Mongolia, my mom or grandmother always took care of me. So when I first came to Korea, there was no one around me to take care of me so I took it hard but now, I feel happy because I can do everything on my own. I think I had a really good time in Gachon University. I won’t forget about it. Thanks for giving me such precious memories and I hope to enjoy the rest of the time here. Thanks for all you guys who are helping us!!

Uyanga Erdenebaatar

Dept.of English Language and Literature

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