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A day at Han River, would you like to join us?A day with The Gachon Herald’s cub reporter at Han River
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A day at Han River, would you like to join us?
A day with The Gachon Herald’s cub reporter at Han River
  ‘Experience’ is a corner that introduces a healthy and fresh culture to college students. So we decided to choose the Han River, a relatively close place to our university as the first spot       where we can experience both ‘rest’ and ‘fun’ at the same time. We the Kyungwon Eagle, who represents the ordinary college students, decided to spend a wonderful day the Han River.
  At 9:00AM, the cub reporters met up at the bench in front of ‘Yeouinaru station’ with all the things we were each assigned to bring.
  Here’s the schedule we had planned for the day
1.     Ride bicycles and have lunch in the shades of trees.
2.     Play at Cascade and ride a duck boat.
3.     Have fun at the Yeouido Saetgang Ecological Park.
  After meeting up at the bench we started our day by going to the bike rental center. The bike ride was one of our main courses we had planned so we were all very excited. As we were walking towards the rental center, we couldn’t help but admire the beautiful sunlight and the shining river that made the weather feel cool. We spotted a child frolicking in the ‘Piano Stream’, so we decided to stop by and enjoy ourselves as well. Even though the event was not in our time slot, we were able to enjoy ourselves without any worries and felt stress free       from everything around us. For that brief moment, we were like everyone else who came to enjoy the Han River on a regular summer day.
  After resting at the Piano Stream, at 10:00AM we walked back towards the bike rental center which was our original destination. The rental center was at the opposite side of    where we were at so it took some time to get there.
  Below are the bike rental fees
Single bike – 3000 won per hour
Couple bike – 6000won per hour
(Always keep in track of time because after an hour, every 15minutes will cost 500won per single bikes and 1000won per couples)
  At Han River, bicycle road is closed to motorcycle and vehicles traffic.
And also, a level road multiplies fun of riding a bicycle. In downtown, it is true that you can’t speed up your bicycle for fear of cars and motorcycles. But, here in Han River, there are no more threat of those. So, Han River’s bicycle road is the place to feel free and breezy. It is also effective in relieving stress. If you had a stress       from something, why don’t you ‘run’ with us?
  11:30 AM
After the bicycle ride we came back to a lawn full of grass and spread out a mat so we could have our packed lunch, kimbap. The lunch was very delicious and we had a very nice conversation while enjoying some iced tea that we bought       from a convenient store.
As we were riding our bicycles, we stopped by the Cascade. This was connected to the waterfront, so it had a lot of playgrounds for children and resting places for adults. We also thought it would be a very nice place to bring a boyfriend or girlfriend as it had beautiful exterior lightings at night. It was nice to see children playing in the water, so we pulled up our pants and       joined them. It almost felt like we were in the ocean.
When we arrived at the dock we purchased a ticket for duck boats. The boats weren’t as fast as we thought they would be and we joked around saying that we could move the boats faster with paddles instead. In spite of our effort our boats wouldn’t move any faster, so we filled our urge for speed by watching other boats such as banana boats, peanut boats and motor boats instead. If you want to have a relaxing, slow, and smooth sail we recommend the duck boat. However, if you are in for a need for speed, then we recommend the motor boats. The manual pedaling duck boats cost 12000won per hour and the duck boats with a motor cost 20000won per hour. Considering that motor boat costs 30000won for every 10minutes I think this is a very good deal.
 After we were done riding boats, we went to Saetgang Ecological Park to see nature in its beautiful form. The refreshing air and green forest lightened us and re-energized our tiring bodies. It almost felt as if we were camping. Some of us spent our time playing badminton while others just sat down and rested. Our day at Han River was complete by relaxing at the Ecological Park..
  In       order for you to plan a wonderful day, we recommend you do some research ahead of time so that you can enjoy a fantastic day without any confusion. All you need to do is type ‘Hangang Park GIS Web browser’ on the internet and plan your own route on the website, which is ‘http://hangang.seoul.go.kr
  *.Tip: You can get all the information about the twelve Han River Parks, including Yeouido Park on the site ‘Hangang Park GIS Web browser.’ Anyone who is interested the Hangang (Han River) festivals all year around should make sure to check for       updates.
  We had to walk for quite a while to get to place to place at the Han River. Though Yeouido Park doesn’t have much shade, if you are in one you can have all the fun you could possibly have. We’ve seen people playing various sports, such as soccer, catch, baseball and we even saw some people flying kites. If there is one thing that we wouldn’t recommend, it is the manual duck boats.
  Jihyun: Although our main purpose for visiting the Han River was to cover a story at first, it was beyond our expectations and we had a tremendous time with each other. The scenery was beautiful and seeing families together and lovers expressing their feelings for each other was another sight for sore eyes. Like this, you can have a delightful day at Han River without worrying about spending too much money. We want to recommend this special one day vacation in Han River everybody out there. We hope you have fun and enjoy the Han River as much as we did.
  Mira: Just go to the Han River, because once you get there you’ll know what all the fuss is about.
  Sungkyu: Forget about amusement parks and theme parks. Who says those are the only places       where you can have fun? At Han River, you can have twice the fun for a lower price!
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