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Gachon University’s Gil Hospital practices fraternity, service and patriotismGachon practices beautiful love
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here are three slogans for the foundation philosophy of Gachon University’s Gil Hospital: fraternity, service, and patriotism. Gil hospital makes great efforts to keep these three faiths. Conducting the ‘love for customer’ campaign, the hospital runs the free Gachon Special Care Center which cares for patients’ feelings as well. For 17 years of overseas business, Gil Hospital has invited patients from underdeveloped countries and operated heart surgery. It has given a new dream for those patients. 
  Gil Hospital states that they are conducting the ‘love for customer’ campaign, including the attempt at diverse operations to ease patients’ pain. The hospital focuses on patients who have had intravenous injections, and to alleviate their pain they decided to spray 10% Lidocaine at the injection site. As a result, pain is noticeably reduced and it improves patients' satisfaction. Executives of the hospital have a 'grand rounding' time to meet their patients; major executives such as directors of the hospital and the director of the nursing service visit their patients every Friday at 7:30 am to listen to the patients and to solve their inconveniences. 
  After establishing the special care center, they began to operate it in earnest. The Special Care Center is for patients who are weak in mind and body, intending to cure them through psychotherapy, art therapy and other diverse therapeutic techniques. Hwang Jung Kook, professor of Art Therapy, is in charge of the center’s operation. Patients can get music therapy on Monday, speech and language therapy on Tuesday, and art therapy on Thursday from 10 am to 5 pm. Hwang says, "The center is now open to every patient. Please come and get all the free services we are offering."
  Gachon University’s Gil Hospital has invited 300 foreign child patients over the last 17 years. It has established an agreement with the city of Incheon, and practiced services for children from underdeveloped countries since 2007. The President of Mongol awarded Doctor Lee Gil Ya a medal of appreciation in 2009. The President of Kyrgyzstan also expressed his gratitude to Gil Hospital and suggested establishing a Heart Examination Center in that region. 300 children have received the service in Gil Hospital and found a new life.
  The lucky 300th surgical patient is an eleven-year-old girl, Ya Srey No from Cambodia, who was diagnosed with congenital heart disease at the age of twelve months. Her parents were not able to have her surgery due to the high cost, but on hearing the news that Gill Hospital and the city of Incheon practice medical services in Cambodia on April 23~25, they desperately came to the medical workers. Their situation attracted sponsors from many organizations such as the charity of Korea Securities Depository, Milal Heart Foundation and Find a New Life Campaign. Her surgery ended successfully, and she now has a new dream. She said, "I want to draw a lot of pictures when I go back home." The current president of Gachon University Dr. Lee Gil Ya delivered, “I think of many patients who have said ‘Even though I have a scar on my chest, I am happy because now I can jump.’ Every time we give them a new life, I am deeply moved and feel this is the reason why I became a doctor.”
  Gil Hospital is constantly provided with various Government supported projects, also being selected as one of the research-focused hospitals, and achieving titles such as the best emergency medical system. Expectations toward Gil Hospital are high because of its outstanding capacity and endeavors to keep its three slogans of ‘fraternity, service and patriotism.’

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