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My experience studying abroad
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y story of studying abroad began late. I flew to the U.S. in my late 20s after the completion of my college years and approximately 4 year military service as a naval officer. It was a kind of luck and unexpected surprise. I was chosen as a Rotary Ambassadorial Scholarship recipient and thus able to study in the U.S. although my parents could not financially support me. I spent 2 full years in master's education in the U.S. During the 2-year master's study, I really worked hard both studying and working part-time. My day started early in the morning. I spent most of my time in the library studying except when I was sleeping or working at my part-time job. I was able to graduate with 4.0 GPA with all A plus marks. I put all the effort into studying because I was desperate to receive a scholarship for my continuing doctoral education. Otherwise, without a scholarship, my graduate education could end anytime.
  Mainly owing to my high GPA and good recommendations from my professors from the master's program, I could get admissions from various different and highly respected doctoral programs in criminal justice, including at the University of Maryland, Florida State University, Indiana University, and Sam Houston State University.
 I chose the Criminal Justice Program at Sam Houston State University, because my professors in the master's program highly recommended it and also terrorism and international crime was well developed in that program. Personally, my years in the doctoral program were not easy but were full of hardship and pains. In the very first semester, I had to deal with the personal loss of both parents. I swallowed the personal pains and kept focusing on my studies. I only remember that I put all my efforts into studying and exercising. My days were routine and simple including 8-10 hours study and 2 hours exercise almost everyday. Playing soccer with other graduate students from different countries was only a luxury and I relaxed from time to time. Due to my great effort and focus, I graduated on time. I took the full four and half years to complete my doctoral degree.
  The criminal justice program at Sam Houston State University is one of the most highly respected in the U.S. It has a long history of academic excellence. It is one of the five earliest doctoral programs in the U.S. Also, the Sam Houston Criminal Justice program is considered one of the most highly ranked and the largest in the U.S. It has produced a great number of professors, researchers, federal agents including FBI, CIA, DEA, ATF, state troopers, police officers, correctional officers, prosecutors, and judge.

Minwoo Yun,

Ph.D. in criminal justice

Assistant Professor

Department of Police Science and SecurityStudies













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