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  If I talk about my experiences in Seoul, Korea, it can be hard to generalize; my experiences can be put into two categories: what it is like living in Korea and what it is like living in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia (my native city).
  I am in Korea to study computer science at Seongnam’s Gachon University. I did not plan to come to Korea but I wished to visit a foreign country to learn and experience its’ culture, people, and life. Hence, when I got the chance to study here, I grabbed it firmly. While packing my bag at home (Mongolia) I was filled with questions, wonders, and dreams about life in Korea. After arriving here on March 6th 2013, I first visited my sister studying in Gwangju. It was good to meet her and it made me feel a little comfortable in a foreign country. After a few days I had to begin to take classes at Gachon University, so I got a room in a hostel, sharing it with 3 Chinese friends. It was difficult to stay there because of the noise and our different schedules. But as time passed by, everything got well.
  There are a lot of foreigners here so I didn’t stand out. I wanted to make friends. In my first two months, I did not have friends and I did feel uncomfortable and sometimes were really bored. The picture that I had in my mind about living in Korea was now fading day by day. But I did made some friends in class with whom I visited water parks, the beach, and zoo and it was great to see all those places because there aren’t any zoo, beach and water park in my country (Mongolia). People would often try to see differences in me as a foreigner. But I don’t really care. I had some experiences when I was standing alone at the bus stop. I felt that people were moving away from me because I am a foreigner. I felt lonely but I stayed strong and didn’t forget who I was. I didn’t give up and I studied harder and got some friends with whom I often go out.
  I like Korean culture and the traditional dress HANBOK. And the food here is awesome. My favorite is GamjaTaang, Kimbab, and Duck meat. Korean spices and Kimchi have touched my heart. I also liked the fashion here, so I did change my Mongolian hairstyle to a Korean one because I wanted to learn and grow up in Korea for another 2 or 3 years. I wish to have a lot of Korean friends so that I can enhance my little knowledge of the Korean language. Though every country (or person) has its good and bad points (because nobody is perfect), I love Korea as much as I love my country.

Bilegt Bilegzaya

Dept. of Computer engineering

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