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  Winter has finally passed and now spring is here. Are you proceeding on the things that you planned at the beginning of the semester? Let’s look back again at our plans and goals to achieve this year. Are you working on your goals, not losing your first resolution? Of course maintaining your first resolution is not easy. Even if you decide to achieve something, you often end up giving it up in a few days. We usually can’t stick to a goal for a long time, and setting up and achieving a goal needs patience and practice. So even if it does not work out as you planned, you don’t have to despair. Just finish it before you get tired of your plan. Just don’t forget that you have to have faith in yourself.
  As the editor-in-chief of this year and a junior student majoring in urban planning, I want to achieve many things. I’m sure that many obstacles will get in my way. But I hope that I overcome hardships and eventually grow up. Even though your plan is huge and enormous, you can achieve your goals by day-by-day practice and persistent work. I hope you build your plan for a day, a month, and a year. And when you look back at the end of the year I hope you feel proud of yourself.

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