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Hawaii Pacific University
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n February 15th 2011, Gachon University’s Global Campus set up a sisterhood relationship with Hawaii Pacific University, agreeing to dispatch visiting students as part of an overseas study program. According to the U.S. News & World Report, Hawaii Pacific University is recommended as a school that emphasizes diversity with most international students and it is evaluated as one of the most valuable studying abroad agencies in the U.S. 
  Hawaii Pacific University, established in 1965, is a non-profit private co-educational, vocational institution in the US. Bachelor’s and Master’s degree courses and university affiliated language institutes are available. The representative department is nursing and the school’s major research plan puts its emphasis on the marine ecosystem. You can enroll in the courses of ELS, TOFEL, and TESOL at its university affiliated language institute. It is located in Honolulu, which is called “a city of an island”, and the city plays an important role as a harbor and hub thanks to its unique geographical conditions. Along with the tourist industry, military bases have functioned as the economic basis of Honolulu; military related industries and the pineapple and sugar industries also prosper.
  One of the merits of Hawaii Pacific University is scholarships. They’re for outstanding students among the regular degree program students, and also for international students who meet the qualifications. Admission eligibility is a TOEFL CBT score of over 550, an IBT score over 80 or an IELTS score higher than level 6. 
  Hawaii Pacific University’s campus is connected with three other famous international campuses by a shuttle bus, along with the peaceful small hill and tranquil residential campus. The campus is divided into Loa campus and Downtown campus. Most of the science and technology departments are in Loa campus; Humanities and Social Sciences are in Downtown campus. In Loa campus, there are a few buildings and it is far from the main district of Honolulu. Its’ dormitory, cafeteria, and natural environment help students focus on studying. On the other hand, buildings of the Downtown campus are located on Bishop Street, without its own campus space. Many students use Downtown campus as there is a student dormitory in Waikiki. There are many restaurants including Korean ones around the school area and near outlets and department stores also attract people.
  One third of the students are from the U.S. mainland, the other third from Hawaii, and the rest are students from all over the world. Today, Hawaii Pacific University is one of the world’s most culturally diverse universities, consisting of 1,200 graduate students and 7,000 undergraduate students from 100 countries and 50 States of U.S.

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