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Yes! Gachon style, How?Prohibit drinking on campus from 2013, promote nonsmoking by 2015
KIM Dan Bee  |  o_o1678@naver.com
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Updated : 2013.03.04  18:50:39
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he Ministry of Health and Welfare announced legislation that prohibits the sales of alcoholic liquor and drinking in public places in Universities. If this bill passes, drinking on campus will be prohibited. In spite of pros and cons, the Gachon University Student Union declared to stop drinking and smoking on campus voluntarily and started the campaign called ‘Gachon style.’ The university also expressed active support. The aim of this campaign is to create a ‘Clean Campus’ where there is no alcohol and no cigarettes.
  First, drinking on campus including the club room is prohibited. In addition, operating pubs during the campus festival and drinking at school events is also prohibited. Nonsmoking campaigns also seem to progress strongly. Our university has made every indoor facility, eco bus station, park and squares nonsmoking areas. For the students’ inconvenience caused by the unexpected campaign, Gachon University created a smoking area in each building. However, the school will remove these smoking areas by 2015, and try to promote a nonsmoking school. Students’ campaign members proceed a campaign for improving the smoking culture by going to circuits in campus twice a week. Also, they are planning to start a ‘paparazzi system’ where students can point out people who smoke indoors. 
  School makes the position clear that “There were many students who smoked in public areas, so we received many complaints. We started this campaign to prevent damage caused by the harsh drinking culture.” When this campaign started, there were advantages where schools could solve students’ complaints and create an academic atmosphere. Some students said, “Through this campaign students’ views on drinking and smoking on campus can be changed.” But others said, “We agree with nonsmoking but oppose the prohibition of drinking on campus”.
  Recently, many incidents and accidents on campus have been caused by drinking. If drinking leads students to harm others and commit crimes, then the University should regulate it. By starting the ‘Gachon Style’ campaign, students have the chance to think back about the drinking culture in universities and contribute to create a better academic atmosphere. I hope this campaign can be the first step for students to enjoy more diversified campus cultures other than drinking and smoking.

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