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‘Mother,’ The most beautiful word in the worldThe mother’s self-sacrificing love
SONG Ju ha  |  philosophy33@gmail.com
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Updated : 2013.02.26  22:58:32
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  Didn’t you pay little attention to your mother, saying you were too busy because of work or school? These days, it seems like that we forget that our mothers raised us, while having sacrificed so much for us. There are many cases to show it---students that are rude to their mothers, and the growing number of elder people living alone. For all of us, I would like to introduce a play called ’Mother,’ starring Son Sook, to show a mother’s devotion towards her children.
  Mother, Il-Soon, wanted to learn how to read and write when she was younger, but the elders said, “Why would you want to learn to read and write?” So she became illiterate. Further, she loved Yang San Boak but she married Dol-E due to pressure from her parents. She became pregnant with Yang’s child and she decided to hide the fact. After the marriage, her misfortunes started. Her mother-in-law was a Korean geisha, and her life hard with her parents-in-laws. To make matters worse, her husband was a flirtatious one.
  Then one day the family broke up because of the Korean War and her husband disappeared.
She had a hard time taking care of her sick son without her husband. She attained food from people who snubbed them and furnished her son food neatly. However, in the end her son died from the plague. The moment her son died, she began to sob and revealed the truth about her son’s father. A shaman then performed a spell to call spirits and reveal the secret of her son’s birth. The mother did not know how to write or read her son’s name, but her granddaughter later taught her. She went on to the afterlife after her deceased husband wrote her name on a windshield.
  Just because of the fact that she was a woman, she was not given the chance to have a proper education. She was forced to get married to a man she did not love and lived a hard, painful life. Most of all, we must know that the mother who had dedicated all her life to her children and suffered tragedies is not a fictional character. It could be our mothers. Though the Korean War has faded away, the devotion and love from our mothers is never-ending. Nevertheless, our reaction to these unconditional loves is cold at times. Our mothers are the ones who are always there for us through the good and bad. Let us all take some time to give back the love that we always receive from our mothers. 
  A similar play for mother’s love we recommend is “Two Nights and Three days with Mother,” starring Kang Buja and Jeon Misun

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