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'Modesty', the word that boosts youThe aesthetics of modesty
SONG Ju ha  |  philosophy33@gmail.com
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  How many people know the definition of the word modesty well and actually try to be modest? These days, when people talk, it is mostly about them trying to boost their humility. People prefer to talk about themselves and show off rather than being humble. As an avid book reader, I believe a prime example of such people is some arrogant writers who do not know the meaning of humble, even though they might know the phrase “Be humble and do not put yourself above others.” Those writers fear that if they become humble, then they will go unnoticed.
  On the other hand, I would like to introduce a book that I was fortunate enough to come across, entitled Modesty, Life of Wisdom When You Have Humility. Below is the summary of the book by its author for the readers.
  Young Do O, who is a workaholic, is a very rude and stubborn person graduated from a prestigious university. He joined a company, and was hired for a new job that his boss had given to him. Here, he looked down on others’ ability and boasted that he depends on his own skills only. However, he was faced with a critical situation one day. His boss had suddenly fallen ill and been in no condition to work. O felt that he was suited for the position, and was furious when someone else had taken the job. To make matters worse, he stumbled into a corporate conspiracy. He had thrown himself into a world of prejudice and misunderstanding.
  One day he is reminded of the word 'modesty' from his friends and his grandfather as well. He was confused because the word was too abstract. However, he began to listen to all the employees' opinions rather than making his decision solely, and he tried to be more humble. Eventually, his efforts worked and all of his co-workers began to look at him in a better light. He also realizes the aesthetics of modesty that gives him more benefits than he assumed it would. He was able to become the CEO that he truly desired to be.
  This book will make you think about the value of modesty. What is the real meaning of 'modesty?' The author says modesty is paradoxical as it makes you lower your position, but by doing that you can enhance your value. Compare yourself to O, it might help you understand the book.
  The moral of this book is that modesty is the best virtue. If you think that being modest will not get you where you wish to be, please read it and have your opinion changed.

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