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What Looks Good Tastes Good!A Quiet Place for Korean Traditional Refreshments Experts, Mullae-Gongbang
Ha Se-Young  |  ozllof@naver.com
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Updated : 2023.12.27  15:36:14
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  Recently, the MZ generation has gone crazy for sweet desserts such as Tanghuru, a Chinese dessert. Did you know that Korea also has had a long-established dessert culture? Korea has a variety of desserts. They reinterpret not only traditional desserts but also foreign desserts in a Korean style. Many experts study traditional treats to bring out the most pleasurable tastes. In this article, I would like to introduce Mullae-Gongbang, which reimagines Korea's traditional refreshments in a modern way and continues this tradition.

 Mullae-Gongbang is located in Mullae-dong, Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul. You can take classes with different refreshment themes every month. Mullae-Gongbang allows you to take classes on refreshments using seasonal fruits and have an experience by making your own. There are many types of refreshments making classes that you can experience include sweet bean paste, chapssalddeok, gaeseongjuak, and nerikiri. In addition, up to two people can take the course per class, so you can concentrate more and get help easily from the teacher. The class is divided into a hobby class and an advanced class. It is not allowed to sell the refreshments made using using their recipes after taking the hobby class. Also, everyone needs to make a reservation to take the class.



 Today, I'm going to introduce the peach yogurt-chapssalddeok class. I made the entire dessert from scratch, including the dough and the peach garnish. Almost all traditional Korean desserts are made of rice with sticky rice cakes being the most moist among them. So, let's take a look at how Korean sticky rice cake combines with Western peaches and yogurt to create a new taste. 

 First, we need to knead glutinous rice powder and non-glutinous rice powder according to the proper ratio. It is common to use only sticky rice powder when making sticky chapssalddeok, but the recipe of the Mullae-Gongbang is unusual. Because peach yogurt goes into the rice cake, non-glutinous rice powder is used to maintain its shape.
 The next step is to add cinnamon and Baeknyeoncho powder to get the peach color. Finally, steam it for fifteen minutes to complete the step.
 While steaming the rice cakes, it’s time to make peach garnish. First, peel the peach and cut it into small pieces, then boil it down with sugar. At this time, it is important to dry the peaches using a fruit-dryer or microwave. Finally, mix the dried peaches with Greek yogurt to prepare the filling.
 When the dough is finished, we have to hit it through a thin cloth to remove the air bubbles inside. Cut the ivory dough into 12g and the pink dough into 5g pieces. You can shape the separated pieces into a circle.
 Next, we can use our forefinger and thumb to thin out the ivory-colored dough. Then, put pink dough on top of it. After that, put peach yogurt on top of the dough and cover it so that it is invisible. At this time, the dough must be handled carefully so as not to tear it. It is important to shape it evenly. Last, trim it as a peach, and freeze it for about thirty minutes to complete the yogurt peach chapssalddeok.
 It was beneficial to be able to choose all ingredients of the chapssalddeok, unlike a store-bought version. Also, we can use natural ingredients, not artificial pigments offructose liquid. It took a lot of effort and time to make the ingredients, so I could feel the importance of food. I hope that Gachon University students who read this article will also pay attention to traditional refreshments and try new challenges such as this.


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