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 Gachon e-Resources Expo, aimed at helping students utilize e-Resources, was held again in May, following last year's event in September. This marks the eighth annual e-Resources Expo, which takes place on the basement floor of the Gachon University e-Resources Library, at the Jajak-namu Lounge. Detailed schedules and related news can be found on the Gachon University Library's Instagram page. Also, a pre-event is conducted every year, so we recommend to keep an eye out for library announcements and participation.
 A e-Resources refer to ’information stored on electronic media or other devices,’ encompassing academic journals, research papers, publications, and e-books we encounter online. At the e-Resources Expo, students had the opportunity to learn about various aspects, from utilizing library services to accessing e-Resources services offered on campus. The Jajak-namu Lounge was bustling with booths and numerous participating students during the expo. In total, there were 15 booths representing the e-Resource service company, including the Gachon University Central Library. Domestic journal and web DB platforms such as Scopus, DBPIA, E-article, KISS, and KRPIA, and for the international journal service, EBSCOhost, IEL, Science Direct, Springer, and Westlaw were also in attendance. Additionally, e-book content providers such as Kyobo Bookstore, Aladdin, audiobook service Audian, and online video lecture service ITGO also participated. The e-Resources Expo allowed each company to directly interact with students, explaining their services and demonstrating how to use their services effectively. During the demonstrations, students were asked about their majors and their interests also, they could have a personalized experience in searching for e-Resources related to them. This interactive approach proved more beneficial experience than watching video lectures. This article will briefly introduce some of the e-Resources utilization methods learned at the expo.

 First, every e-Resources service's site must be accessed through the Gachon Library’s homepage to receive the benefits of being a student at Gachon University. So, after log-in to the library website, click 'e-Resources' among the categories next to the page logo to see the first classification.

 Now you may access to the company by selecting the type of e-Resources that you want and clicking on the banner. The eBooks are separately labeled, so they will take you directly to the company’s site when you click on them. Below is how to access the e-Resource, except for the eBook. Some companies provide manuals and a list of their e-Resource, which will help you to get the better one.


 The eBooks site would be automatically logged in when you access it through the library. Make sure your username is set to your student ID number.


 When you find the book you want, you can check how many copies are available, how many people have borrowed it, and how many people have reserved it. Utilizing all these eBook providers will be useful because you may not be able to borrow the book immediately.


 You can read the borrowed books as soon as you install their eBook readers. This means you don't have to visit their site to read and return your borrowed books. The most attractive difference from regular libraries is in the return process. Unlike regular libraries, this eBook library has a system that automatically returns books when they are due. It is highly recommended for students who have difficulty visiting the library on time.

 That was a brief demonstration of how to use e-Resource. From platforms that you may have visited in high school for the project, to DB platforms that you can use in your major courses, the e-Resource Expo tells you that you have got access to them, just because you are at Gachon. In addition, the expo is a great opportunity to learn about the different services offered by each company, as they will be on hand to promote their products to students. With personalized bookshelves, note-taking services, and an assistant that automatically creates citations according to international standards, our knowledge and assignments will grow to a new level. Every year, the Gachon Library awaits you with great prizes. Why not visit the library next year to participate in the e-Resource Expo?

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