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European Scenes on the SubwayRenovation of the Gachon University Station Connecting Passage
Ju Min-Jeong  |  minjwh04@gachon.ac.kr
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Updated : 2023.09.09  20:40:00
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 What are the unique buildings on the Gachon University campus? In Gachon University's Vision Tower, there is a passage connecting the underground campus and the subway station. This passage, directly linking the university and the subway station, is one of the few in the country and is adorned with a distinctive European-style design, making it a representative location of the university. Renovation work on this space was carried out during the summer vacation period, and the new entrance was completed on August 25, 2023. Let's take a closer look at the renovated connecting passage since the construction of Vision Tower in 2012.
 Since 2012, the connecting passage has become a symbolic space at Gachon University. Its noticeable features are the blue ceiling, the Greek-inspired designs of the fountain and columns. It is known that President Kil-yeo Lee of Gachon University designed the passage, drawing inspiration from the Venetian Hotel in Macau. Indeed, elements such as the fountain, columns, lighting, and the depiction of a blue sky on the ceiling reflect the appearance of the Venetian Hotel. However, as of the end of the first semester, approximately 11 years after its completion, the passage showed signs of paint peeling off, rusting, and fading. The lighting had weakened, and flaws like mold on the columns created a gloomy and dull atmosphere. According to the 'Vision Tower Subway Connecting Passage Plaza Art Painting and Renovation (Architecture)' project revealed by the Public Procurement Service, the main construction includes 'installation of temporary scaffolding inside the connecting passage, designated art painting on ceilings/walls/columns, partial waterproofing of the fountain, and other related works.' The purpose of the renovation project is to revitalize the cultural space through the refurbishment of the Vision Tower Subway Connecting Passage Plaza and transform it into a symbolic area of Gachon University. It can enhance the pride and satisfaction of students and faculty. Let's explore the improved connecting passage after the renovation and assess whether the objectives of the project have been achieved.

 The direct access from the subway station to the campus is a significant advantage and can have a positive impact on creating the first impression of our university. The renovation of the connecting passage holds significance not only for current students but also for welcoming visitors with its unique and beautiful design. A bright and clean appearance of the passage, adorned with a distinctive and attractive design, will leave a favorable impression in the memories of those who pass through. As we start of the new semester, it would be a great idea to explore the newly refurbished passage and leave our footsteps there to mark the occasion. 

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