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Your First Turkish DramaDelinquents’ cupid plan, ‘Love 101’
Yang tae seok  |  mrhappyjs@naver.com
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Updated : 2023.09.09  14:00:35
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 Have you ever watched a Turkish drama before? Korean dramas like ‘Squid Game’ (오징어 게임), ‘Descendants of the Sun’ (태양의 후예) are beloved in other countries. Despite having different culture and language, people enjoy Korean drama with subtitles. Korean people watch content from other countries naturally. Likewise, Turkish drama is beloved in Eastern Europe and Middle East. However, Turkish dramas are not widely known in Korea. In this article, I will introduce the charm of Turkish dramas through the ‘Love 101’, which I strongly recommend.

 ‘Love 101’ came out on Netfilx at 2020. The story is that about high school student’s love, friendship, and grow up and it’s background is 1990s Istanbul in Turkey. Four delinquents appear in this drama. They are on the verge of being expelled many times but they survive every times because of the one teacher’s opposition. But one day, they hear that the teacher will be transferred to another place. What will happen to them?

Love cupid plan
 This drama is started with the scene that someone cleans a house after arriving at an old house. Due to this, time zone change to the past. A high school in Istanbul has four troublemakers. ‘Sinan’, a quiet, philosophical alcoholic. ‘Eda’, a girl who have dream about drawing. ‘Kerem’, Strong fighter. ‘Osman’, a men who like hazelnut and having good speaking skill like businessman. Principal always wants to kick them but a female teacher named ‘Burcu’ oppose it every time. Because she wants to believe and care for them. So the principal decided to transfer Burcus work space. Burcu gets a promise that he will not kick them out from school and make them at ease. But they know he is lying. So they think about the plan together. Then they decide to make Burcu fall in love with an Istanbul man. Because if she falls in love to Istanbul man then she will not leave there. At first they meet ‘lsik’ who is the class representative and loves novel because they need advice about love. Also,‘lsik’ join this plan because she likes ‘Burcu’ so she doesn’t want Burcu to go to another school.

Love and friendship
 They are looking for a love candidate in school then. They were sure that ‘Kemal’ who is new basketball coach in school is a man they find. They plan to send Burcu and Kemal to a rock concert because it has the ingredients for love: powerful feelings, a possessed mood, and alcohol. At first they lie to make Burcu go to the concert using her educational mind. Eda lied to Burcu saying, “Boys will fight at rock concert... so please go there with me to prevent it”. Unlike Burcu, who is easy to deceive, Kemal is difficult. Kerem and Osman both fail to deceive him but it succeeds finally with Sinan’s plan that using Kemal’s cynical personality. At first lsik asked him to attend a event for teachers. That time Sinan was selling rock concert ticket beside them. Kemal buys the ticket instantly and they say “I am busy that day,” to her. Their next job was to make them go to home together and then make love. After this happens, they keep reaching many problem. Eda and Kerem have started to love each other and also Sinan and lsik love each other. Someday students who hate Kerem set trap for hitting him. But ‘Kerem’ is changed as nonviolent so he just gets punched. Other friends found this happen and the fight becomes a big event. In the end, the four troublesome students face expulsion, and lsik faces a suspension crisis. The principal wants to make them feel indignity so he proposes to apologize about it at open space for cancel expulsion and suspension. But at that day, they said “Apology? I won’t apologize.” with scattering paper pieces. They make the president feel indignity, and students are cheering.
Charm the five characters
 The five characters make drama more attractive with using their charm. Osman who eats hazelnut from his pocket often was raised in a poor family. So he craves money even making money in school. Kerem reduces his violent surface like monster after falling in love with Eda. He enrolled an art academy for her and carries her to the art academy every time. But he decides to leave in her because he thinks he is an obstacle to her. Sinan is philosophical character so sometimes he says meaningful words. He was living with his grandfather poorly so he lives in school gym secretly after his grandfather is gone. Isik who is model student disapproves of them at first but she was closer and closer to them and it changes to love their friendship.
Food landscape and visual beauty
 Students mainly gather at Sinan’s house, and beyond the veranda, there is a river right there, providing the beauty of Istanbul’s river and scenery throughout the drama. I was impressed by the sight of students looking at this river, drinking and partying. Their unfamiliar food, music, and language add to the enjoyment of the drama for us. In addition, the beautiful landscapes and beautiful colors in the drama make our eyes happy.
 Merhaba! It means ‘hi’ in Turkish. Turkish is an easy language for Koreans to learn because it has similar sentence structure to Korean. I was captivated by its charming pronunciation and characters so I felt I wanted to learn it while watching. Watching contents from other countries not only offers storytelling and acting skills but also brings fresh enjoyment to us Koreans with unfamiliar elements. The drama currently has up to its second season, and this article covers the content up to the first season. In the second season, the four troubled students who has been expelled return to school, and I hope you watch it to find out the reasons.
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Hi merhaba! i really love this drama and Thank you for writing these things about drama i like , good job !!
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