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Memory of SpringThe College of Social Sciences’ spring event
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 On April 7th, the Student Council of the College of Social Sciences held a spring event at Windmill Hill on campus. The festival called, 'Hi, Your Memory,' aims to cherish the warm spring days on campus. Let's find out more about the event and hear the behind-the-scenes stories through an interview with Song Seong-je, the President of the Student Council of the College of Social Sciences (Class of 2019, Department of Economics).

Seven diverse booths

 'Hi, Your Memory' consisted of a total of seven booths, including the Social Sciences College booth, booths from various departments, and the College of Life Sciences booth. The Department of Economics organized a keychain-making activity, while the management of the medical industry Department had a snack shop and mini-games. The Department of Social Welfare held a slushie sale and a receipt photo booth event. The Department of Early Childhood Education offered flower-making and balloon-popping activities, and the Applied Statistics Department conducted mini-games. At the College of Life Sciences booth, self-made goods were sold, and at the Social Sciences College Student Council booth, activities such as 'Slow Mailbox,' 'Polaroid Camera,' and 'Fortune Cookies' were prepared for students to create memories. As the event was named 'Hi, Your Memory,' the Student Council booth featured activities related to memories, such as writing letters and putting them in the slow mailbox, and taking Polaroid photos.
 Let's delve into the details of the event through an interview with the Social Sciences College Student Council President, Song Sung-je.
Interview with Song Sung-je, president of the student council of the College of Social Sciences (Economics, Class of 19)
1. Please explain the booth of Sung-mo University in detail.
 Sung-mo University Booth is a booth where the Department of Social Welfare contacts the St. Mary's Welfare Center and sells key rings made by disabled people at low prices. And all the profits are donated.
2. How will the other booth proceeds be used?
 Each department will manage it so that it can be used in future events.
3. What was the most concerning aspect during the event preparation?
 The concern was the weather forecast. We were worried that all the efforts put into preparing the event would go to waste if it rained. Fortunately, we rescheduled the event to Friday, and we were relieved that it didn't rain. Additionally, since it was a spring event, we made sure to create an atmosphere where people could come and experience the scent of spring.
4. What was the hardest part?
 I had booked all the food trucks, but I had to reschedule them due to the rain forecast. So it was hard to make an additional contract with another food truck . I have to ask for cooperation from other departments that teach near Windmill Hill, but it was difficult to hold the third meeting due to the date change.
5. What are you looking forward to at this event?
 I hope students can feel the scent of spring as the event is being held after social distancing for the first time in four years. As the event featured the Slow Mailbox service, where students will receive letters in December, I hope that upon receiving those letters, they will feel that the spring of 2023 was truly warm and memorable
6. What's the disappointment?
 The event day was changed from Wednesday to Friday due to the rainy forecast, and although the attendance rate was higher than expected, I can't help but think that if we had followed the original plan, more people could have enjoyed it. Since Fridays tend to have more people with no class day compared to Wednesdays, sticking to the initial schedule might have allowed more individuals to participate and enjoy the event.
Creating memorable experiences with content beyond expectations
 The event, which was attended not only by students from the School of Social Sciences but also by students from various departments, received high praise for providing a wide range of enjoyable content beyond expectations. Na Ji-in, a student from the Department of Media and Communication (Class of '21) who participated in the School of Social Sciences booth event called "Slow Mailbox," mentioned, "It feels like it will be a good memory to be able to convey my feelings to those I wanted to express them to." Additionally, there were many positive comments about the diverse content prepared by each department's booth, which enhanced the overall enjoyment of the event.
 During the event, there was a crisis situation, but thanks to the quick response of our fellow students, the event proceeded without major issues. Strong winds caused the roof of the Applied Statistics booth to flip over and nearly fly away. Fortunately, many students who were present at the scene held onto the roof and, with their collective strength, managed to restore it to its original position. The ability of our fellow students to swiftly address the crisis showcased their unity and cohesion.
 I believe the significance of this social sciences event with the theme of 'Memory' was to create an opportunity for students to bid farewell to wearing masks and build memories with friends. Thanks to the efforts of the College Student Council and departmental student councils, this event allowed students to embrace the warm April sunshine and create new memories that they can cherish in their hearts.


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