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Enjoying the Gachon University Cafeteria with Only 1000 won1000 won breakfast review by Gachon University student
Ju Min-Jeong  |  minjwh04@gachon.ac.kr
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Updated : 2023.07.06  15:18:38
트위터 페이스북 미투데이 요즘 네이버 구글 msn
Who: Gachon Herald Reporter
When: 2023.04.17 ~ 2023.04.27
Where: Gachon Herald’s Instagram
What: Share 1000 won breakfast review of Gachon University
Why: Thanks to the support of staff and professors at Gachon University, students can have breakfast at a lower price. Therefore, to share this gratitude with all the students.
How: Leave a 1000 won breakfast review in the comments of Gachon Herald’s Instagram event post.

Prize Winner: @seo0_west0

 “At first, I just thought it was cheap, but eating breakfast after paying for a triangle kimbap for 1,200 won in the morning, I realized that it was a good project! Prices are going up, and I was thinking about what to eat every day, thank you so much for this project to eat breakfast at a low price."
Prize Winner: @smile_.stone
 “Spending time in college, food expenses are often a financial burden. Thanks to the 1000 won breakfast, many of students can get enough nutrition without any burden! Thank you so much for hold event.”
 In addition, through events such as, "Thank you for giving a chance to have a healthy breakfast as a dormitory student," students at our school expressed gratitude in that they can have a healthy breakfast at a low price and get energy to start the day. Even after that, I hope it will be a time for students to empathize with the reviews and meditate on their increasingly dull gratitude when they read these comments. It would be good for students who have not used school breakfast to experience breakfast at least once with 1,000 won.
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