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The Encyclopedia of Relative and Absolute Knowledge.Bernard Werber’s Interesting Nuggets
Kim Hyun Seo  |  candle02@o365.gachon.ac.kr
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 "The Generation Who Watch Dramas in Shorts." With the global trend of short-form content, even movies are now being edited down into 30-second videos. Creators produce content with provocative titles and compilated information to get more viewers. Fragmented stories of unknown origins are delivered to us just for momentary joy. Those pieces of information are not verified. On the other hand, books are generally verified by publishers and professionals before being published. And books give readers a clear indication of the sources. Furthermore, reading books enhances our reading ability. The more we read, the more our language skills grow.
 Therefore, we must increase our reading time. However, considering that our brains are still having a hard time reading long lines of text I would like to recommend a book that can be read like short-form content. It can be read like a dictionary. First, search for the fascinating topics from the book's table of contents. Because every story consists of one to three pages, it won’t be burdensome. Gradually, someday you will reach the end of this thick book. I would like to introduce two stories that left a strong impression on me.

The Prophecy of the Hopi Tribe, the Fourth World.
 The 57th story, in Chapter 2, ‘Land Tremor’ is about the Hopi native tribe from Arizona. According to the Hopi tribe’s worldview, the world has been destroyed and regenerated multiple times. Therefore the current world is the fourth Earth.

The first world was destroyed by the fires of volcanoes and meteors.
The second world was destroyed by the cold brought by the Ice Age.
The third world sank into the sea.

 Before accepting these as groundless myths, we need to hear more of their stories. Because some of their prophecy’s implications have been proven. The interprets are quite controversial, but there are some strong candidates. People say the Hopi tribe successfully predicted the emergence of atomic bombs and mankind reaching the moon.

Ashes in a pot will rain down from the sky, boiling the sea and scorching the land.
An eagle will walk on the moon.
(The lunar lander of Apollo 11 was named "Eagle.")

 The Hopi tribe prophesies mainly deal with the fate of the Earth and mankind. So there are some words about the doom of our fourth Earth. They say since the luck of the fourth World is running out, soon the Earth will be purifying by fire. This means World War III. And before worrying about the doom of our world, there are still unfulfilled prophecies. The remaining prophecies are composed of frightening words as if the war is truly coming. Let's examine a few examples:

White humans will spread wires on the ground.
Spiderwebs will cover the sky.
White humans will create heaps of ashes, polluting the Earth and turning it into an infertile land that future generations cannot inhabit.

 We should not have blind faith in these stories. But considering tumultuous global situations, such as the war in Ukraine and North Korea's nuclear weapons, maybe we should take some lessons. According to the Hopi tribe’s worldview, the earth must go through purification before regeneration. And to avoid entering, Koyaanisqatsi, an era of imbalance, the footsteps of those who are living in the Fourth World should be more cautious. We don't know how accurate the prophecies will be, but I think they deserve serious consideration.

What if reptiles, rather than primates, had advanced technological civilization? The leading role goes to Stenonychosaurus.
 The 491st story, in Chapter 12, ‘Et Center’ is about the dinosaur. Imagine 65 million years ago, the time when human ancestors were just small mouse-like creatures with long snouts, there was a dinosaur has a similar brain capacity for modern humans and is capable of bipedal locomotion. Would you believe it?
Such a dinosaur was found in Alberta, Canada, in 1967. The official name is Stenonychosaurus. Studies based on excavated skeletons suggested that it had a kangaroo-like appearance with reptilian skin and dish-like eyes which make them see in all directions. Moreover, their brain activity areas had developed similarly to our modern humans. Scholars claim that these features let Stenonychosaurus come up with group hunting strategies.
 If this doesn't make you realize how remarkable these reptiles were, let's consider the views of Canadian scholars Russell and R. Sgang. They stated, “Stenonychosaurus could analyze the environment, surpass with the small size. Which gives the possibility that they were outstanding enough to advance social life and technological civilization." Isn't it a phrase that often arises when emphasizing the exceptional nature of our human species?

 “The Encyclopedia of Relative and Absolute Knowledge” is a channel of diverse content. The 542 stories are divided into 12 chapters: Death, Land Tremor, Micro-Humans, Third Humanity, The Mysteries of Gods, The Breath of Gods, We Are Gods, The Empire of Angels, The Ant Revolution, The Day of Ants, Ant and Et Center. While reading these numerous stories, it would be great to use the pages that particularly resonate with you as bookmarks, as a guide to discovering new books. The Encyclopedia, which originated from Bernard Werber’s Secret Note, contains stories fascinating enough to capture our attention. I recommend a new lifestyle to read just more than one page of a book, rather than constantly accessing the world of SNS in our free time.

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