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Celebrating the Start of Something New, Pinwheel FestivalFrom March 29th to 31st, 2023, Gachon University hosted the spring festival, Pinwheel Festival.
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▲ On March 31st, many students are lining up at the food truck to enjoy the last day of the Spring festival.
 "Spring adds new life and new beauty to everything." As the beginning of the four seasons, spring reminds us of the excitement that comes with new lives and bright sunny days. For college students, spring symbolizes the start of a new semester. Jo Yong-hoon, the Student Council's Cultural Planning Director (Medical Industry Management, ‘18), stated that this year's spring festival was organized to offer "a break to students who are exhausted both physically and mentally from their studies and the environment around them."

 From March 29th to March 31st, Gachon University's 2023 Spring Festival, known as the Pinwheel Festival, was held. Under the slogan "Let's Spin Gachon's Pinwheel with Our Own Wind," the festival took place at Stardom Square and Freedom Square. Various activities, including glamping, busking, talk shows, and night markets, raised enthusiastic participation from students.

▲ On March 29th, many students gathered to attend the talk show, “GNL”.
 The main highlights of the Spring Festival were undoubtedly the talk show and busking performances. "GNL" was a talk show hosted by YouTuber Jo Jin-Se (Physical Education, ‘09) and it received a great response from the audience, unlike the previous lectures. The topics discussed during the talk show resonated with Gachon University students as they focused on experiences that are easily relatable to them, generating a sense of empathy among the attendees.
 On the other hand, "Won [ONE] Hadeon Ba-Da (What I Desired)" was a student-centered busking event in which participants were selected through a previous poll. This provided a great opportunity for students to showcase their talents. Both programs hold significance as they placed the students at the forefront. Jang Heewon (Psychology, ‘23), who was impressed by the busking, mentioned, "It was enjoyable to witness students expressing their individuality and showcasing their talents."
 Student Council ONE faced difficulties in organizing the Spring Festival as they were unable to accommodate all students due to limited locations and participant capacity restrictions. However, they took pride in receiving encouraging messages such as "I'm fortunate to be a student at Gachon University" and "Students from other universities envy us." Jo Yong-hoon, the Cultural Planning Director of the Student Council (Medical Industry Management, ‘18), rated the success of the festival as 5 out of 10. He stated, "As the saying goes, 'Well begun is half done.' This was just the beginning for our Student Council, and we will strive to achieve a perfect 10 through the upcoming seasonal festivals we have planned."
 The Spring Festival is a celebration of a new season and a fresh start, motivating for the upcoming year. As a freshman, Gachon University's Spring Festival, known as the Pinwheel Festival, amplified hope for the future by marking the beginning of campus life. It also offered a much-needed break from the recent stress I had been experiencing. I am already looking forward to the unique seasonal festival of Gachon University.
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