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The Origin Story of Gachon University's Official MascotTo become a mascot with a diverse identity
Jung Da-Won  |  mdoroenam97@naver.com
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 Gachon University declared its official mascot on March 14 to celebrate its 80th anniversary. Since the proclamation ceremony, students have been paying keen attention to the official mascot. Let's find out how the beloved mascot was created.

 Most mascots are used as eye-catchers to attract people's attention. However, if there are too many explanatory visual elements, they may not be visible at a glance. The main character was created by complementing this point and focusing on combining the formative elements of Moohandaesang as simply as possible. In particular, in the 3D modeling stage, the curve of Moohandaesang was worked to prevent distortion from any angle, and the light was placed so that the shape of the thick and smooth curve could be well. In addition, both key colors and sub-colors were borrowed from the Gachon University logo to intuitively reveal that they were Gachon University's characters. Through these efforts, it was possible to create a character that was naturally connected to the two elements without a forced design that was simply a combination of a cute character and Moohandaesang in terms of form.

 In the case of sub-characters, they were originally supposed to produce only main characters with the theme of Moohandaesang, but Professor Lee Yoon-young and character designer Shin Hye-won, who did not want to miss the ladybug that students love, insisted on the need for sub-characters. These sub-characters were designed by characterizing ladybug-shaped eco-bus. Therefore, the two thick and short legs were made with the motif of the wheels of the bus, and the arms were boldly omitted to create a cute and unique character that uses antennae-like hands. The sub-character tells the story that the cute eco-bus gained vitality in the love of the students, so its existence alone looks cute and lovely. At first glance, it may not seem to have a special personality, but the main character has become a character that supports and balances the composition of the scene which is difficult to express alone.
 As such, Gachon University's characters are not just a cute animal or human-shaped characters but are produced with the motif of the school's trademark, which naturally explains the school itself. Thanks to this, a character full of personality was created while promoting students' sense of belonging, and a familiar type of character called Moohandaesang allows students to get close to the character without feeling distant. In addition, it is richly expressed using 3D graphics as the main, enabling rich expressions in various aspects such as angle, light, and texture compared to 2D-produced flat-panel characters. Since it is a character whose motif is the formative element of Moohandaesang, the beauty of the curve is even more prominent when implemented in 3D.
 Professor Lee Yoon-young, who produced the character, expressed his gratitude for the beloved official mascot, saying, "From the designer's point of view, I am grateful to the school that actively uses the character and the students who love it." In addition, character designer Shin Hye-won said, "We really enjoyed together and creating the character. I felt the professor and school officials' love for the school, and thanks to their active leadership of the project, such a cute and lovely character was created," he said, expressing his affection for Gachon University's official mascot. Through secondary works such as emoticons, dolls, and promotional items, which will be produced more actively in the future, and the mascot naming contest, the name is called by the student of this school and is expected to grow into a character with a greater value.
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