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Protecting Environment for Sustainable Future, ESG.Upcycling Project ’s Manager, Lee Ji-Won
Ha Se-Young  |  ozllof@naver.com
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 Have you heard of ESG management that has recently been in the spotlight by many companies and environmental organizations? This article was designed to provide new insights to Gachon University students. I would like to introduce Ji-won Lee, a student of the Department of Business Administration, who strives to solve environmental pollution problems commercially through entrepreneurship. It is expected that this interview will inspire Gachon University students, and it will be helpful to those who want to get a job in related fields such as marketing, ESG, and CSR.
1. What do you think about ESG management?
I have been interested in social problems since I was young, and I think it was largely influenced by activities in high school. The most memorable activity was participating in a program with social cooperatives and the school cafeteria. This gave me a chance to understand the Zero-waste and the Sharing-economy. So, I really wanted to work for social enterprises. Also, I continued to be concerned about ESG management and a sustainable environment. Finally, I have had a dream of becoming an eco-friendly marketer who has a good social influence.
2. When did you become interested in the Enactus, ESG school club?
It was the beginning that I joined a school social club, ‘Enactus’ that solves social problems business-wise. I could demonstrate good influences on society as a member of Enactus. They helped me to carry out my capability. I tried to alert the value of ethical consumption and the influence of consumption for many people. I also tried to convey a meaningful social message. It was possible to plan and execute everything due to the project. It was attractive that I can spread good influences on many people.
3. Why did you choose dog clothing as an upcycling product?
School uniforms used to be discarded after three years of life. Because they are no longer used in everyday life after the 3 years and school uniforms are manufactured using the limited patterns. So, I decided to recreate special clothes for my dog. In addition, the dog clothing market, which is continuously growing, was the most suitable to perform our project. The school uniforms made of materials with excellent functions such as elasticity, breathability, and UV protection, so the school uniform was optimized to make dog clothes.
4. I think that it mustn’t have been easy to proceed with a project while also studying. Did you have any difficulty while you prepare the project?
It was fund- raising activities. There were so many processes to prepare for the fund- rasing activities, but there was a lack of manpower. It was so intimidating to complete all processes such as product photos, model cuts, funding documents, SNS marketing planning, and advertising with only two team members. Accordingly, we worried about economic outcomes.
5. It would have been difficult to pursue sustainability of the project, what was the driving force for you?
Since I participated in all the progress, I wanted to make high results on fund-raising activities. As it was a project that I devoted my everything to, I could never give it up. I was able to work with my strong belief so that I could solve environmental problems and delivering social messages to many people.
6. What did you put the most effort to make upcycling products?
The most difficult task was supplying uniforms to make dog clothes. Even if we made an upcycling product, we had to get well-deserved uniforms that are on good condition.
7. What insights did you get from the upcycling project?
There were many episodes that we can remember, during working on the project. But I was so proud that I finished the fund-raising activities very well. It was a good experience to gain a sense of challenge and insight so that I planned everything from beginning to the end of the project. Additionally, I met many good friends and pioneers that truly support me a lot.
 I hope that the interview with Lee Ji-won, who makes efforts for her sustainable environment, will motivate you. When purchasing a product, why don't you participate in value consumption that impact on the environment? I hope you remember that your small effort can have a great impact on society.

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